Provisional Timetable for U13-19 Connachts

Provisional Timetable for U13-19 Connachts

The provisional order of events for the U13-19 competition this Saturday 19 June is here.

My guess at the timing of different events:-

– If 2 long jumps are going at once (which more than likely will be the case), the long jumps will start at 10.30am with the u13s and all age groups will be finished by 1pm

– High jump starts at 10.30 with u15 girls, then u16 girls – see program for remainder. Since there are only small numbers, all should be done in about 2.5 hours.

– Shot putt will likely start at 10.30

– Sprint hurdles start at 10.30, lasting maybe 45 minutes or an hour, followed by walks. Its possible that these may take place at the same time if inside lanes kept free.

– The sprints commence after the walks. So depending on above ordering, that could be as early as 11.30.

– The long hurdles are next – possibly around 12.30, followed by the 1500s possibly around 1pm, then 200s possibly around 2.45pm, then steeplechase, 3000m, 300/400, 600/800s.

Key thing above is that everything is guesswork as to start time!
Please be there at least an hour earlier that the predicted start time just in case.


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