Quick look back at Craughwell NS in the Galway City Sports

Quick look back at Craughwell NS in the Galway City Sports

Craughwell NS at the 2011 City Sports

Back: Ronan Nevin, Jack Miskella, Jack Craven, Cillian Dolan, Ian Connolly, Emma Gaffney, Aisling Keady, Grainne McDaid, Erin Fitzpatrick, Michelle Duggan

Middle: Conor Callaghan, Victor Costello, Dylan Fowler, Diarmuid McCartin, Darren Lyons, Cian Waters, Micheál McFadden, Dean Callanan, Aoife Walsh, Laura Cunningham, Sandra Greaney, Shauna Tobin, Anna Farrelly, Aoife Raftery, Sarah Phillips

Front: Emer Mulveen, Sarah McCartin, Cian Garman, Finbarr McFadden, Jack Walsh, Eanna McDaid, Ailbhe Miskella, Mia Waters, Jane Trehy, Zoe Gilligan

It’s being 12 years since Craughwell NS first took part in the Galway City Sports in 2005 with an uninterrupted record except for 2007 when we didn’t take part. Ashley McDonnell has the honour of being the first ever medal winner from the school in the City Sports with victory in the U13 800m when in 5th class in 2005. The same year the U13 girls relay team took our first relay medal with gold from Katie O’Donoghue, Debi Kenny, Orla McDaid, Maireád McCan and Maria McNamara.

Conor Duggan was the first boy from the school to medal with silver in the U11 sprint in 2008 while brothers Micheál and Finbar McFadden share the honour of being the first boys from the school to win individual gold with victory in the U9 sprint and 400m in 2010.

2015 was the club’s most successful year ever with 6 gold and 4 bronze medals, closely followed by 2010 with 5 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze. Grainne McDaid is the school’s most successful individual athlete in the City Sports with 2 golds in the U13 800m and bronze in the U11 400m.

The U13 Girls distance races are our most successful individual events with 5 victories in the U13 Girls 800m and 8 medals in the U11 Girls 400m.

The relays are our most successful event with 17 victories over the years and the U13 Girls are our most successful age group with ten Galway titles to their name together with four silver and six bronze medal performances.

Read on for more detail.

U13 Girls100m0145 U13 Girls104620
U13 Boys100m2046 U13 Boys51612
U13 Girls800m5106 U11 Girls64414
U13 Boys800m1113 U11 Boys3216
U13 Girls4x100m5229 U9 Girls74516
U13 Boys4x100m2013 U9 Boys44816
U11 Girls80m0011      
U11 Boys80m0101 EventGSBTotal
U11 Girls400m3328 4x100m1761336
U11 Boys400m1001 800m6219
U11 Girls4x100m3115 400m97521
U11 Boys4x100m2114 100m21811
U9 Girls60m0213 80m0112
U9 Boys60m1012 60m1225
U9 Girls400m2226      
U9 Boys400m3216      
U9 Girls4x100m5027      
U9 Boys4x100m0268      


2005U13 Girls800m1Ashley McDonnell
2005U13 Girls4x100m1Katie O’Donoghue
Debi Kenny
Orla McDaid
Maireád McCan
Maria McNamara
2006U13 Girls800m2Ashley McDonnell
2006U11 Girls80m3Mairead McCan
2006U11 Girls400m2Sinead Gaffney
2006U11 Girls400m3Orla McDaid
2006U11 Girls4x100m1Orla McDaid
Maria McNamara
Sinead Gaffney
Mairead McCan
2008U13 Girls100m3Mairead McCan
2008U13 Girls800m1Sinéad Gaffney
2008U13 Girls4x100m1Maria McNamara
Sinéad Gaffney
Ailbhe Greaney
Mairead McCan
2008U11 Boys80m2Conor Duggan
2008U11 Boys4x100m3Oisin Coppinger
Conor O’Donoghue
Cillian McDaid
Conor Duggan
2008U9 Girls60m2Michelle Duggan
2009U13 Boys100m3Conor Duggan 
2009U13 Girls4x100m2Maeve O’Connor
Ellen Fitzpatrick
Gabrielle Tobin
Sarah Molloy
sub Tara Keady
sub Emma Byrne
2009U11 Girls400m3Grainne McDaid 
2009U11 Girls4x100m2Leanne Freaney
Grainne McDaid
Hannah Rabbitte
Michelle Duggan
sub Lisa Doran
sub Andrea Tobin
2009U9 Girls400m3Laura Cunningham 
2009U9 Girls4x100m1Anna Farrelly
Aoife Walsh
Aoife Raftery
Laura Cunningham
sub Lauren Gilligan
sub Sandra Greaney
sub Shauna Tobin
2009U9 Boys4x100m3Cian Waters
Conor Callaghan
Micheál McFadden
Alan Callanan
sub Diarmuid McCartin
sub Dean Callanan
2010U13 Girls100m2Aisling Connolly
2010U13 Boys100m3Conor O’Donoghue
2010U13 Girls800m1Grainne McDaid
2010U13 Girls4x100m1Hannah Rabbitte
Emma Byrne
Ellen Fitzpatrick
Ashling Connolly
Lisa Doran
2010U13 Boys4x100m3Ian Connolly
Cillian McDaid
Eoin Lally
Conor O’Donoghue
2010U11 Girls4x100m1Aoife Walsh
Emma Gaffney
Katie Stephens
Aisling Keady
2010U9 Boys60m1Micheál McFadden
2010U9 Boys400m1Finbar McFadden
2010U9 Boys400m2Darren Lyons
2010U9 Boys4x100m3Dylan Fowler
Darren Lyons
David McDonnell
Micheál McFadden
2011U13 Girls100m3Michelle Duggan
2011U13 Girls800m1Grainne McDaid
2011U13 Girls4x100m1Michelle Duggan
Emma Gaffney
Grainne McDaid
Aisling Keady
sub Erin Fitzpatrick
2011U11 Boys4x100m1Diarmuid McCartin
Cian Waters
Conor Callaghan
Micheál McFadden
sub Dean Callanan
sub Darren Lyons
2011U9 Boys400m1Finbarr McFadden 
2011U9 Girls4x100m3Ailbhe Miskella
Jane Trehy
Sarah McCartin
Mia Waters
sub Emer Mulveen
sub Zoe Gilligan
2012U13 Boys100m3Cillian Dolan
2012U13 Girls800m1Erin Fitzpatrick
2012U13 Girls4x100m1Aoife Walshe
Katie Stephens
Mary Dunphy
Erin Fitzpatrick
Laura Cunningham
2012U9 Girls400m3Rebekah Flynn
2012U9 Boys400m2Kody McCann
2012U9 Boys4x100m2Kody McCann
Shaun Gilligan
Gavin Kelly
Pádraig Martyn
Lukas Schukat
2013U13 Girls100m3Laura Cunningham
2013U13 Boys100m1Cian Waters
2013U13 Girls4x100m3Anna Farrelly
Roisin Hansbury
Shauna Tobin
Laura Cunningham
Aoife Raftery
sub Emma Urquhart
2013U11 Girls400m2Ailbhe Miskella
2013U11 Boys4x100m2Kody McCan
Cian Garman
Finbar McFadden
Kevin Molloy
Kyle Moorhead
2013U9 Girls400m1Emily Miskella
2013U9 Girls400m2Rebekah Flynn
2013U9 Girls4x100m1Rebecca Lynch
Molly Sullivan
Emily Miskella
Rebekah Flynn
Alex Slamas
2013U9 Boys4x100m3Lukas Schukat
Liam Mulveen
Robert Urquhart
Kieran O’Connor
Niall Cummins
2014U11 Girls400m1Rebekah Flynn
2014U9 Girls60m2Sarah Byrne
2014U9 Girls400m2Jade Moorhead
2014U9 Boys400m3Evan Hallinan
2014U9 Girls4x100m1Erin Kelly
Jade Moorhead
Chloe Hallinan
Sarah Byrne
Madison Davy
2014U9 Boys4x100m2Evan Hallinan
Luke Flynn
Ryan MacDonnell
Evan Moran
sub Kenneth O’Connor
2015U13 Girls100m3Mia Waters
2015U13 Boys100m3Shaun Gilligan
2015U13 Boys800m1Kyle Moorhead
2015U13 Girls4x100m3Penny Wells
Aoife Kelly
Edel Farrelly
Mia Waters
Emma Jane Moran
sub Niamh Griffin
sub Ailbhe Miskella
sub Sarah Woods
2015U11 Girls400m1Emily Miskella 
2015U11 Boys4x100m1Niall Cummins
Lukas Schukat
Kieran O’Connor
Robert Urquhart
sub Liam Mulveen
sub Evan Hallinan
2015U9 Girls400m1Chloe Hallinan 
2015U9 Boys400m1Evan Moran
2015U9 Girls4x100m1Rachel O’Callaghan
Grace Lynch
Chloe Hallinan
Grace Keaveney
Ciara Gilligan
sub Jenny Cloonan
2015U9 Boys4x100m3Jamie Collins
Adam Jordan
Lucas Keane
Evan Moran
Cormac McFadden
sub Roan Budge
2016U13 Boys100m1Shaun Gilligan
2016U13 Girls4x100m2Molly Sullivan
Emma Jane Moran
Edel Farrelly
Aoife Kelly
sub Niamh Griffin
sub Emily Miskella
sub Rebekah Flynn
2016U13 Boys4x100m1Lukas Schukat
Robert Urquhart
Kieran O’Connor
Shaun Gilligan
Padraig Martyn
Liam Mulveen
sub Gavin Kelly
sub Ross McGuinness
2016U11 Girls400m1Jade Moorhead
2016U11 Girls4x100m3Erin Kelly
Jade Moorhead
Grace Lynch
Chloe Hallinan
sub Rachel O’Callaghan
sub Clodagh O’Meara
2016U9 Girls60m3Ella Farrelly
2016U9 Girls4x100m1Katie Slevin
Isabel Schukat
Mollie Gilligan
Ella Farrelly
sub Katelyn Walsh
sub Sarah Creaven
2016U9 Boys4x100m3Cian Farrell
Darragh Kelly
Keelan Moorhead
Ben Moran
sub Ethan Waters
2017U13 Boys800m2Ross McGuinness
2017U13 Boys800m3Darragh McCartin
2017U13 Boys4x100m1Evan Hallinan
Lukas Schukat
Kieran O’Connor
Robert Urquhart
2017U11 Girls400m2Chloe Hallinan
2017U11 Boys400m1Evan Moran
2017U11 Girls4x100m1Grace Keaveney
Ella Farrelly
Grace Lynch
Chloe Hallinan
sub Aisling Whyte
2017U9 Boys60m3Ben Moran
2017U9 Girls4x100m3Lauren Morgan
Abby Haugh
Ciara O’Connor
Kelly Hallinan
sub Jessica McGlynn
sub Kayleigh Rabbitte
2017U9 Boys4x100m3Colm Doyle
Jack Cahill
Keelan Moorhead
Ben Moran
Eanna Morrisey
sub Alex Ryan
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