Quiet Revolution Underway in Craughwell

Quiet Revolution Underway in Craughwell


“Ring ring”, “Ring ring”, “Ring ring”, “Ring ring”, “Ring ring” …. 


“Mick, how’s it going, Pat here.  Are ya going for a pint later on Mick?” 

“Sorry Pat, can’t make it, babysitting, Mary is gone up to the fit4life in Craughwell.” 

“No worries, maybe Saturday evening Mick?”. 

“Sorry Pat, bad day, Streets of Galway is on and I have to mind the kids when she’s running around and hold her water and a banana for after the race.” 

“No problem, have to get the balance right.  Sur we’ll catch up the following weekend. Meself and the boys are hitting up to Cheevers to watch Sunderland take on Liverpool in the Premiership. Up ya boyo Keano Keano Keano!” 

“Ehhh, sorry Pat, tied up that day”. 

“Don’t tell me, she’s off again”. 

“Errrr … yeah over in Claregalway for the 10k, I'm minding the kids for a while. Not such a big deal Pat – its only now and then that she gets out.” 

“No problem Mick, talk to ya”. 

“Ring ring”, “Ring ring”, “Ring ring”, “Ring ring”, “Ring ring” …. 


“Gerry, how’s the craic. What are you up to”. 

“Ahh busy out with this and that, you know the story”. 

“Thinking of heading up to Croker Gerry for the hurling final on Sept 7th. Got pulled out in the draw at the clubhouse last night for 2 tickets. They’re like gold dust – are ya on for it.” 

“Sept 7th is it, hang on a second just check the diary …. flip it Pat, the missus is running the Dublin half-marathon that day, can’t make it …. hello Pat you there … Pat … Pat ….. Pat ……..”

Join the revolution, get out and run! Contact Tony Nevin or anyone in the club for more details on getting started! And men can join the revolution too (so long as they take it in turns with their other half to push the buggy!)

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