Reminder Juvenile AGM Wednesday 8pm

Reminder Juvenile AGM Wednesday 8pm

Question time/AOB at last year’s AGM

A quick reminder that the juvenile AGM takes place tomorrow night (Wednesday 16th) in Craughwell Community Centre at 8pm.

Please try to attend as its the main opportunity that parents and coaches have to review the running of the club for the previous year and to provide any suggestions on the running of the club for the coming year. Its important for the successful running of the juvenile club to get as much input as possible from parents and coaches and this is the key opportunity. Juvenile members aged 16 and older are also encouraged to attend.

Extract from our Constitution:

“The juvenile AGM must have a quorum of 10 people who are

      • parents of juvenile members of the club in the year just gone or in the forthcoming year
      • coaches of these juvenile athletes who are also members of the club
      • members of the outgoing Executive Committee
      • junior members
      • juvenile members aged 16 or older

 each of whom is entitled to 1 vote at the AGM (i.e. both parents have a vote each).”

When parking, please keep the area at the pathway/road in front of the hall clear as its used for parking for Bingo buses which is on in the hall on the same night.

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