Results of Avaya Galway U12-19 T&F (Updated)

Results of Avaya Galway U12-19 T&F (Updated)

Provisional results of yesterday’s competition are here. I have added the electronic times – because we didn’t have start sheets with lane order for the heats, I cannot include them yet. We will try to piece some of that information together from the photofinish pictures.

Well done to everyone on another great day for the club. Read on for a full report on the club’s performance.



 galways13 083

Craughwell U12 Athletes at the Avaya Galway Track & Field Championships

The day kicked off at 11am where the U12 girls relay team took silver in their 4x100m. There were some fantastic performances throughout the day and with electronic timing for the track events, it added an extra dimension to the day’s activities. The photograph below is from the finish of the U12 girls sprint which was the closest finish of the day. The explanation below the photo gives some comments from Iain Shaw on how the photo finish works. Galway athletics owes a debt of graditude to Iain for pioneering the use of the photofinish for these championships having undertaken the training under the tuition of Sligo’s Ronan O’Harte who also graciously made the trip to Dangan for these championships.

u12 girls 60m FINAL

“Attached is the photo finish of the girls U12 60m final that ended in the dead heat. The red lines are our timing lines that give us the time. It may look as if the GCH girl has won this because there is a bit of white ahead of the red line. However this is simply a loose fitting singlet, and not the first bit of the torso. Ronan O’Harte (who is an international photo finish judge) agrees that this is in fact a dead heat. His advice on the day was, if it takes you that long to decide, and blowing the picture up 400% (which we had to do) still means you can’t decide – then it is a dead heat. Remember what you are seeing on this photo is not distance but time on the X axis and so the further they are away from the line then the longer it took to cross, the gaps in between them actually finishing may appear visually different as the photocells on the finish line will only activate when someone crosses the line and hence the ‘dead space’ time is removed from the picture.”

The use of the photofinish was of immense benefit to the championships and hopefully it will become a permanent feature of future championships.

The relays provided some great excitement at the start of the day with many fine performances from the club.

Results were as follows with the U14 and U17 girls in particular impressing with times that put them 2nd on the club’s all-time lists for those age groups.

U12 Girls 2 Craughwell 63.1 (Caoimhe Gilligan, Eva Kelly, Ailbhe Miskella, Niamh Niland, Mia Waters) 
U12 Boys 2 Craughwell 59.5 (Sean Cannon, Finbar McFadden, Alex Evans, Ryan Gallagher, Cian Garman)
U13 Girls 1 Craughwell 57.69 (Alison Leahy, Finola Kelly, Roisin Hansbury, Siona Lawless, Tara Slattery)
U14 Girls 2 Craughwell 55.2 (Lorraine Delaney, Aoife Walshe, Caolin Milton, Caoimhe O’Donoghue)
U14 Boys 2 Craughwell 56.3 (Sean Delaney, Oisin Lyons, Micheál McFadden, Cian Waters)
U15 Girls 1 Craughwell 54.94 (Eimear Loughnane, Caoimhe O’Donoghue, Mary Dunphy, Michelle Duggan)
U15 Boys 2 Craughwell 55.93 (Jerry Keary, Cian Waters, Gearoid Treacy, Cillian Dolan)
U16 Girls 1 Craughwell 55.1 (Eimear Loughnane, Michelle Duggan, Keira Flanagan, Tara McNally, Mary Dunphy)
U16 Boys 2 Craughwell 54.9 (Matthew McKiernan, Jordan Connaughton, Gearoid Treacy, Cillian Dolan)
U17 Girls 1 Craughwell 53.47 (Ellen Fitzpatrick, Sineád Treacy, Ellen Treacy, Tara McNally)



 Craughwell U14 Girls 4x100m

IMG 1345

Craughwell U15 Boys 4x100m Team

galways13 099

Craughwell U12 Boys 4x100m Team

galways13 095

Craughwell U12 Girls 4x100m Team

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Craughwell U13 Girls 4x100m Team

In the sprints, the club continues to make huge progress with 3 hurdles titles and taking the ‘flat’ titles in the U12 girls, U14 girls, U15 Girls, U15 Boys and U17 Boys. In particular, Conor Duggan, Sineád Treacy and Nicholas Sheehan were impressive in the 100m, 200m and 400m respectfully.

Hurdles: U13 Girls 60mh 1 Alison Leahy, 3 Tara Slattery; U13 Boys 60mh 2 Oisin Shannon; U14 Girls 75mh 2 Laura Cunningham; U14 Boys 75mh 1 Cian Waters; U15 Girls 80mh 1 Michelle Duggan; U15 Girls 250mh 2 Ciara O’Boyle.

Sprints: U12 Girls 60m: 1 Niamh Niland; U13 Girls 80m 2 Siona Lawless, 3 Alison Leahy; U13 Boys 80m 3 Oisin Shannon; U14 Girls 80m 1 Caoimhe O’Donoghue, 3 Lorraine Delaney; U14 Boys 80m 2 Cian Waters; U14 Boys 200m 1 Oisin Lyons, 3 Luke Finn; U15 Girls 100m & 200m 1 Michelle Duggan; U15 Boys 100m 1 Cillian Dolan; U16 Boys 100m 3 Jordan Connaughton; U17 Girls 100m 2 Sinead Treacy; U17 Girls 200m 2 S Treacy, 3 Tara McNally; U17 Boys 100m & 200m: 1 Conor Duggan; U17 Boys 400m 3 Diarmuid Harvey; U19 Boys 400m 1 Nicholas Sheehan.

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Conor Duggan
Galway U17 100m Champion

Michelle Duggan
Galway U17 100m Champion

Cillian Dolan
Galway U15 100m Champion

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Sinead Treacy, Laura Ann Costello and Tara McNally – top 3 in the U17 Girls 200m

In the distance races, Niamh Niland in the U12 600m and Oisin Lyons  in the U14 800m were both very impressive with Niamh’s time of 1.56.84 and Oisin’s time of 2.21.89 placing both of them in second place in the club’s all-time lists for their age groups.

U12 Girls 600m 2 Niamh Niland; U12 Boys 600m 1 Sean Cannon; U13 Girls 600m 2 Finola Kelly; U14 Boys 800m & 1500m 1 Oisin Lyons; U14 Boys 1500m 3 Luke Finn; U15 Girls 800m & 1500m 2 Dearbhaile Walshe; U15 Boys 800m 2 Ben Garrard; U17 Boys 800m 3 James Delaney; U17 Boys 1500m 1 Oisin Doyle, 3 Diarmuid Harvey.

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Jordan Connaughton
3rd in the U17 100m

Ben Garrard
2nd in the U15 800m

Long Jump: U12 Girls 1 Lenagh Gilligan 4.03, 2 Eva Kelly 3.69, 3 Mia Waters 3.59; U12 Boys 2 Alex Evans 3.99; U13 Girls 1 Siona Lawless 4.01; U14 Girls 1 Aoife Walshe 4.68, 2 Lorraine Delaney 4.12, 3 Laura Cunningham 4.09; U14 Boys 2 Sean Delaney 4.34; U15 Girls 1 Tammy Klynsmith 3.99; U15 Boys Gearoid Treacy 3.36; U17 Girls 3 Ellen Treacy 4.00; U17 Boys 3 Matthew McKiernan 5.07; U19 Boys 3 Aaron McDonnell 5.14. Triple Jump: U17 Boys 2 Matthew McKiernan 10.81. High Jump: U12 Girls 1 Lenagh Gilligan 1.25, 3 Eva Kelly 1.10; U12 Boys 1 Garvin Surlis 1.25, 2 Ryan Gallagher 1.20, 3 Sean Cannon 1.15; U13 Girls 1 Claire Broderick 1.33, 2 Tara Slattery 1.28, 3 Niamh Treacy 1.20; U14 Girls 1 Lorraine Delaney 1.30, 2 Aoife Walsh 1.30, 3 Ciana Reidy 1.25; U14 Boys 1 Jerry Keary 1.53, 2 Sean Delaney 1.50; U15 Girls 1 Tammy Klynsmith 1.25.

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Craughwell Long Jumpers at the Avaya Galway Track & Field Championships

Javelin: U12 Girls 1 Jane Trehy 12.39, 2 Kirby Dooley 9.99, 3 Penny Wells 9.61; U13 Girls 1 Niamh Treacy 11.41, 2 Clare Treacy 9.96, 3 Shiona McArdle 9.68; U13 Boys 1 Sean Noonan 9.65; U14 Girls 2 Laura Cunningham 13.68, 3 Caolin Milton 10.94; U15 Boys 2 Gearoid Treacy 8.20. Discus:U14 Girls 1 Shauna Tobin 15.02; U14 Boys 1 Luke Evans 13.43; Shot Putt: U12 Girls 2 Eva Kelly 5.78; U12 Boys 2 Conor Roberts 6.01, 3 Garvin Surlis 6.01; U13 Girls 2 Tara Kealy 6.91, 3 Sarah Callanan 6.30; U14 Girls 1 Caolin Milton 7.34; U14 Boys 1 Cian Waters 10.21, 2 Mark O’Brien 9.50.




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