Resumption of Athletics!

Resumption of Athletics!

Just a quick update for everybody on the resumption of athletics. So as per current Government guidelines, athletics is permitted to resume in sub-groups of 15 for school aged children. You can see the scheduled times for each age group on our website at:

So we are back in action at last from last night onwards, hopefully never to stop again!

All training will be outdoors for now – while our fine new building is complete, we are not permitted to use it yet due to the pandemic. Once that rule is changed, we will be able to add activities like indoor circuit training to our regular training.

We are expecting to commence work on constructing our new 400m track in the middle of May to get it to tarmacadem level this summer and hopefully to tartan rubber level the following summer.

If you have already renewed your membership for 2021, thank you. If not can you go online here to renew for this year

Some members renew Sept-Aug while approx. 50% renew Jan-Dec. If in doubt which you are, please contact myself (087 659 1879) or Mike O’Connor (087 233 6693) and we can quickly check.

Due to the ongoing facility work, we are not in a position to discount membership due to the pandemic but where necessary, we can let 2022 renewal slide a few months next year. But this year, we need all the membership funds we can get.

Hopefully parents appreciate this position as we are providing facilities that very few clubs in the country have access to in their own backyard and available for use as part of your normal membership. By comparison, were you to go to Athlone track for a training session, you’d pay the cost of your petrol over and back plus €3 to €5 per person to use the track depending on your age.

Looking forward to seeing everyone back at athletics.

Thank you
Mike Tobin
Craughwell AC

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