Resumption of Circuit Training

Resumption of Circuit Training

The senior club's new 10 week program of circuit training got off to a good start on Monday night with 28 people taking part in the first night's training session. About 35 people have signed up for the current program, so there is space for approximately 10 more if any one missed the first night and is interested in doing it.

The program will run for 10 weeks. The training is suitable for all levels of fitness from the serious athlete who wants to engage on a core-strengh building program to the beginner who wants to tone up or start upon a fitness program.

It typically comprises about an hour of exercise broken down as follows:-

Warm-up jog for 3-5 mins followed by gentle stretching

Circuits which comprise 15 stations with 2 activities available at each station. The activities include aerobic activities, upper body exercises, lower body exercises and core stability, i.e. mid-rift front and back.

1 minute is spent at each activity at which stage a whistle sounds and people move to an activity at the next station. The stations follow each other in a sequence 1 … 15. After all 15 stations have been completed, a 2 to 3 minute break takes place, following which the 15 stations are repeated.

A more intensive stretching session to warm down and increase flexibility.

The end!

If interested in joining, please contact Michael Tobin for more details at 087 6591879 or

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