Review of cracking day 2 at Galway T&F

Review of cracking day 2 at Galway T&F

Alana Grogan (U15 Girls 2k Walk Champion), Tara Morgan (U14 Girls Javelin bronze medalist)
and Aoibhe Fahy (U15 Girls Javelin Champion) at the Galway Championships in Dangan

A little late in getting this report up. Craughwell AC had another marvelous day of track and field at day 2 of the Galway Championships in Dangan where the U13 to U19 age groups were in action on SUnday 12th May.

Ellie Cronin was the star performer on the day with triple gold medals in the U16/17 Girls high jump, 100m hurdles and 250m hurdles as well as silver in the 4x100m relay. It was a good day also for Freya Bohan with double gold in the U18/19 Girls javelin and shot putt and double silver in the 100m and 400m, and for Saoirse Pierce who won the U16/17 250m hurdles in a tight battle as well as silver in the high jump in a PB of 1.50m. Additionally several athletes secured championship best performances when taking the Galway titles in their events including Darragh Kelly in the U13 Boys high jump with a leap of 1.57m to break the previous record of 1.45m jointly held by Evan Hallinan and Lukas Schukat, Ella Farrelly in the U13 Girls long jump with a leap of 4.38m to breaking the previous record of 4.30m held by Claire Ryder, Evan Hallinan in the U15 Boys triple jump with a leap of 10.80m to break the previous record of 10.01m held by Lukas Schukat, and Fauve Aylmer with a brilliant 5:08.98 to break the championship record in the U15 Girls 1500m and going on later to take the 800m title. Versatile Alisha Larkin leaped an impressive PB of 4.81m in the Long Jump to claim Silver and later added bronze in the 100m. Oisin Davis dictated the pace in a tightly grouped field in the u16/17 1500m on his way to win Gold in 4.36. Later in the day, Oisin added 800m Gold with a PB time of 2.08 in an exciting finish.



Top 3 in the U18/19 Girls 1500m at the Galway Championships in Dangan 
Catherina Noonan (silver), Ailbhe Miskella (gold) and Ciara Sheppard (bronze)

Top performances included the following

U13 Girls 60m Hurdles 1 Ella Farrelly 10.94; Shot Put (2Kg); 1 Shannon Quinn 6.56; High Jump 3 Ella Farrelly 1.30; Long Jump 1 Ella Farrelly 4.38; U13 Girls 4x100m 4 Craughwell AC 60.16 (Meabh Cowan, Gillian Crowe, Alyssa Salvo, Isobel Schukat).


U14 Girls 80m 2 Aoibhe Donnellan 11.25; Shot Put (2Kg) 3 Tara Molloy 6.90; Javelin (400g) 3 Tara Morgan 13.55, 4 Holly O’Boyle 13.46; High Jump 2 Isabella Fitzgerald 1.40, 3 Aoibhe Donnellan 1.35; Long Jump 1 Grace Keaveney 4.35, 3 Aoibhe Donnellan 4.09, 4 Isabella Boland 4.09; U14 Girls 4x100m 1 Craughwell AC 56.00 (Aoibhe Donnellan, Grace Keaveney, Adara Salvo, Ella Farrelly).

file 4

U15 Girls 1500m 1 Fauve Aylmer 5:08.98; 250m Hurdles 2 Siofra Davis 41.39, 3 Clodagh O’Meara 42.94; 2K Walk 1 Alana Grogan 12:25.35; 800m 1 Fauve Aylmer 02:30.74, 800m 3 Leonore Church 02:52.51, 800m 4 Anna Cotter 02:56.25; 80m Hurdles 2 Ella Lyons 16.51; High Jump 2 Leonore Church 1.40, 2 Siofra Davis 1.40, 4 Alicia Locteau 1.25; Javelin (400g) 1 Aoibhe Fahy 24.48; Long Jump 2 Ella Lyons 4.34, 3 Siofra Davis 4.30, 4 Leonore Church 4.18; Shot Put (2.72Kg) 2 Aoibhe Fahy 8.67; 4x100m Relay 3 Craughwell AC 56.80 (Siofra Davis, Erin Kelly, Clodagh O’Meara, Ella Lyons).


Craughwell AC’s U15 Girls 4x100m Relay who won the bronze medals at the Galway Championshiops
Ella Lyons, Clodagh O’Meara, Siofra Davis, Erin Kelly

U16/U17 Girls High Jump 1 Ellie Cronin 1.55, 2 Saoirse Pierce 1.50; U16/U17 Girls Javelin (500g) 1 Lauren McNally, 19.82, 3 Aoife Kelly 13.25; U16/U17 Girls Long Jump 2 Alisha Larkin 4.81; U16/U17 Girls Triple Jump 3 Aoife Kelly 8.98; U16U17 Girls 100m 3 Alisha Larkin 13.98; U16U17 Girls 800m 3 Emily Miskella 2:35.65; U16 250m Hurdles 1 Saoirse Pierce 43.39; U17 100m Hurdles 1 Ellie Cronin 18.15; U17 300m Hurdles 1 Ellie Cronin 51.50; U17 4x100m 2 Craughwell AC 56.54 (Alisha Larkin, Aoife Kelly, Lauren McNally, Ellie Cronin).

U18/U19 Girls 100m 2 Freya Bohan, 13.90; 400m 2 Freya Bohan 64.31; 1500m 1 Ailbhe Miskella 5:24.06, 2 Catherine Noonan 5:50.64, 3 Ciara Sheppard 5:58.39; 3000m 3 Sarah Woods 13:27.12; Shot Put (3Kg) 1 Freya Bohan 8.04; Javelin 1 Freya Bohan 19.66; Long Jump 2 Gilligan, Leanagh 4.76; Triple Jump 1 Leanagh Gilligan 10.36, 2 Eva Whyte 8.74.


Leanagh Gilligan and Eva Whyte who won the gold and silver in the U18/19 Girls Triple Jump
at the Galway Track & Field Championships

U13 Boys 600m 4 Fionn Higgins 1:54.90; Shot Put (2Kg) 4 Eric Devlin 5.76; Javelin (400g) 2 Darragh Kelly 19.36, 4 Conor Cahill 13.12; High Jump 1 Darragh Kelly, 1.57, 2 Darragh Reidy 1.25, 3 Sean Lavin 1.20; Long Jump 3 Darragh Kelly 4.07, 4 Fionn Higgins 3.98; 4x100m 4 Craughwell 62.08 (Fionn Higgins, Darragh Reidy, Conor Cahill, Sean Lavan).

U14 Boys High Jump 1 Sean Liston, 1.25; Javelin (400g) 3 Eamon Corban 13.60.

U15 Boys 100m 2 Ryan McDonnell 13.65, 200m 3 Ryan McDonnell 27.73; 250m Hurdles 2 Cian Lavan 40.7; Discus (1Kg) 2 Calvin Ryan 18.79; Javelin (500g) 1 Andrew Power 16.86; Shot Put (3Kg) 2 Calvin Ryan 10.11; High Jump 2 Evan Hallinan 1.60, 3 Evan Quinn 1.50, 4 Cian Lavan 1.45; Long Jump 2 Evan Hallinan 4.95, 3 Evan Quinn 4.53, 4 Cian Lavan 4.42; Triple Jump 1 Evan Hallinan, 10.80; 4x100m 2 Craughwell AC 54.16 (Ryan McDonnell, Evan Hallinan, Evan Quinn, Cian Lavin).


Craughwell AC U13 and U14 high jumpers at the Galway Championships

U16/U17 Boys 1500m 1 Oisin Davis 4:36.04; 800m 1 Oisin Davis 2:08.40.

U18/U19 Boys 400m 1 Sean Noonan 58.20.


Oisin Davis leading the U16/17 Boys 800m

Full details of all of the Craughwell AC athletes in action are as follows:

U13 Girls 60m Hurdles 
1Farrelly, Ella10.94
6Cowan, Meadbh12.17
12Grogan, Amelie13.80
14Grogan, Keely14.06
18Flynn, Katie14.57
U13 Boys 60m Hurdles 
6Lavin, Sean12.46
U13 Girls 600m  
10Salvo, Alysso02:07.3
U13 Boys 600m  
4Higgins, Fionn01:54.9
7Reidy, Darragh02:02.8
8Cahill, Conor02:03.0
U13 Girls 80m  
8Salvo, Alysso12.62
11Cowan, Meadbh12.67
14Schukat, Isabel12.8
32Flynn, Katie14.59
U13 Boys 80m  
7Coleman, Matthew12.35
U13 Girls Long Jump 
1Farrelly, Ella4m38
7Quinn, Shannon3m80
9Schukat, Isabel3m71
11Crowe, Beth3m47
12Crowe, Gillian3m46
22Flynn, Katie2m91
U13 Boys Long Jump 
3Kelly, Darragh4m07
4Higgins, Fionn3m98
9Reidy, Darragh3m70
12Lavin, Sean3m42
13Coleman, Matthew3m33
14Cahill, Conor3m23


U13 Boys Shot Put (2Kg) 
4Devlin, Eric5m76
U13 Girls Shot Put (2Kg) 
1Quinn, Shannon6m56
U13 Girls High Jump 
3Farrelly, Ella1m30
5Schukat, Isabel1m15
U13 Boys High Jump 
1Kelly, Darragh1m57
2Reidy, Darragh1m25
3Lavin, Sean1m20
U13 Boys Javelin (400g) 
2Kelly, Darragh19m36
4Cahill, Conor13m12
6Devlin, Eric6m82
U13 Girls 4x100m Relay 
U13 Boys 4x100m Relay 


U14 Boys 75m Hurdles 
5Liston, Sean16.57
U14 Girls 800m  
9Gorman, Catherine03:17.0
U14 Girls 80m  
2Donnellan, Aoibhe11.25
10Boland, Isabella12.95
12Salvo, Adara13.08
U14 Girls 200m  
5Keaveney, Grace31.13
11Boland, Isabella33.93
U14 Girls Long Jump 
1Keaveney, Grace4m35
3Donnellan, Aoibhe4m09
4Boland, Isabella4m09
8Fitzgerald, Isabella3m62
12Morgan, Tara3m15
13Salvo, Adara3m08
15Gorman, Catherine2m80
U14 Girls Shot Put (2Kg) 
3Molloy, Tara6m90
7OBoyle, Holly4m94
8OConnor, Niamh4m88


U14 Girls High Jump 
2Fitzgerald, Isabella1m40
3Donnellan, Aoibhe1m35
U14 Boys High Jump 
1Liston, Sean1m25
U14 Girls Javelin (400g) 
3Morgan, Tara13m55
4OBoyle, Holly13m46
5Molloy, Tara12m73
6OConnor, Niamh11m67
10Fitzgerald, Isabella8m52
11Gorman, Catherine7m32
U14 Boys Javelin (400g) 
3Corban, Eamon13m60
U14 Girls 4x100m Relay 
1Craughwell AC U14G56


U15 Girls 250mH  
2Davis, siofra41.39
3OMeara, Clodagh42.94
U15 Girls 2K Walk  
1Grogan, Alana12:25.3
U15 Boys 250mH  
2Lavan, Cian40.7
U15 Girls 80m Hurdles 
2Lyons, Ella16.51
U15 Girls 800m  
1Aylmer, Fauve02:30.7
3Church, Leonore02:52.5
4Cotter, Anna02:56.3

IMG 1094 1

Ryan McDonnell chilling out at the Galway Track & Field Championships

U15 Boys 100m  
2McDonnell, Ryan13.65
U15 Girls 1500m  
1Aylmer, Fauve05:09.0
U15 Boys 200m  
3McDonnell, Ryan27.73
U15 Girls Long Jump 
2Lyons, Ella4m34
3Davis, siofra4m30
4Church, Leonore4m18
5Kelly, Erin4m12
6Fahy, Aoibhe4m09
10Cotter, Anna3m47
U15 Boys Long Jump 
2Hallinan, Evan4m95
3Quinn, Evan4m53
4Lavan, Cian4m42
5McDonnell, Ryan4m20
6Power, Andrew3m78
U15 Boys Triple Jump 
1Hallinan, Evan10m80
U15 Girls Shot Put (2.72Kg) 
2Fahy, Aoibhe8m67
U15 Boys Shot Put (3Kg) 
2Ryan, Calvin10m11
U15 Girls Javelin (400g) 
1Fahy, Aoibhe24m48
U15 Boys Javelin (500g) 
1Power, Andrew16m86
U15 Boys Discus (1Kg) 
2Ryan, Calvin18m79


Siofra Davis, Erin Kelly, Alicia Locteau and Leonore Church
at  the U15 Girls High Jump in the Galway Track & Field Championships in Dangan

U15 Girls High Jump 
2Church, Leonore1m40
2Davis, siofra1m40
4Locteau, Alicia1m25
5Kelly, Erin1m25
U15 Boys High Jump 
2Hallinan, Evan1m60
3Quinn, Evan1m50
4Lavan, Cian1m45
5Ryan, Calvin1m40
U15 Girls 4x100m Relay 
3Craughwell AC U15 G156.8
5Craughwell AC U15 G201:00.4
U15 Boys 4x100m Relay 
2Craughwell AC U15B54.16
U16 Girls 250mH  
1Pierce, Saoirse43.39
U16/17 Girls 800m 
3Miskella, Emily02:35.7


Fauve Aylmer U15 800m and 1500m Champion


Emily Miskella bronze medallist in the U16/17 Girls 800m

U16/17 Boys 800m 
1Davis, Oisin02:08.4
U16/U17 Girls 100m 
3Larkin, Alisha13.98
U16/17 Boys 1500m 
1Davis, Oisin04:36.0
U16/U17 Girls 200m 
5Larkin, Alisha28.89
U16/U17 Girls Long Jump 
2Larkin, Alisha4m81
7O Brien, Sophie4m07
U16/U17 Girls Triple Jump 
3Kelly, Aoife8m98
U16/17 Girls Shot Put (3Kg) 
5Kelly, Aoife6m71
U16/17 Girls High Jump 
1Cronin, Ellie1m55
2Pierce, Saoirse1m50
5O Brien, Sophie1m40
U16/17 Girls Javelin (500g) 
1McNally, Lauren19m82
3Kelly, Aoife13m25
U17 Girls 100m Hurdles 
1Cronin, Ellie18.15
U17 Girls 300mH  
1Cronin, Ellie51.5
U17 Girls 4x100m Relay 
2Craughwell AC A56.54
U16/17 Girls 3000m 
3Woods, Sarah13:27.1
U18/19 Girls 100m 
2Bohan, Freya13.9
U18/19 Girls 400m 
2Bohan, Freya01:04.3
U18/19 Boys 400m 
1Noonan, Sean58.2


U16/17 Boys Double 800m and 1500m Champion Oisin Davis on the podium

U18/U19 Girls Long Jump 
2Gilligan, Leanagh4m76
5Whyte, Eva4m28
U18/U19 Girls Triple Jump 
1Gilligan, Leanagh10m36
2Whyte, Eva8m74
U18/U19 Girls 1500m 
1Miskella, Ailbhe05:24.1
2Noonan, Catherine05:50.6
3Sheppard, Ciara05:58.4
U18/U19 Girls Javelin 
1Bohan, Freya19m66
U18 Girls Shot Put (3Kg) 
1Bohan, Freya8m04
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