Rotterdam Record for Whitlock

Rotterdam Record for Whitlock

I often talk about this guy but Canadian Ed Whitlock ran the Rotterdam marathon last weekend and is still going strong.  At 80 years of age he just posted a pretty awesome 3:25 marathon age world record. Whitlock has been mopping up the age-related records for decades.  Below are the ones since he turned 70.  For me, the 2:54 at 72 years of age is the most amazing in that bunch, though the sub-40 10k over 75 could also qualify!!:

 Distance Age Group Time
Mile: Men 75-79 5:41.80
3000m Men 75-79 11:10.43
5000m Men 70-74 18:33.38
5000m Men 75-79 19:07.02
10000m Men 70-74 38:04.13
10000m Men 75-79 39:25.16
Indoor – Track
Distance Age Group Time
1500m Men 75-79 5:20.04
3000m Men 65-69 10:11.60
3000m Men 70-74 10:52.40
3000m Men 75-79 11:17.21

Outdoor – Road
Distance Age Group Time

Marathon Men 70-74 2:54:48
Marathon Men 75-79 3:04:54
Marathon Men 80-84 3:25:40

Also in action in Rotterdam was Craughwell 10 champion Sean Connolly who posted an impressive 2:17 marathon time.  This is a great time, though not quick enough for an olympic qualifier I think – however he said after the Craughwell 10 that Rotterdam was going to be a marathon tester and his real attempt was going to come later.  

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