Rubber ready to hit the road!

Rubber ready to hit the road!

View of the sprint track prior to the tartan rubber going on

If you’ve been anywhere in the vicinity of the athletics field in the last few weeks or passing along the main road, you may have noticed a massive amount of activity in the field with a lot of construction vehicles coming and going.

The rubber is ready to hit the road, literally. Last week the track area was tarmacadamed in preparation for the laying of the black rubber layer this week. Then the following week, a finer red rubber layer will be sprayed onto the top. There is some tidy-up to be done on grass areas and then the lining of the track. After that the track is ready to rock!

Additional to the above we have put in a concrete base for the high jump mats, a concrete base for permanent shed down at sprint start. And have the shed on order, to be installed in a few weeks’ time. And we are in the process of making the hill of stones beside the high jump into a hill of grass for cross country purposes and will be moving the 2 containers in the carpark to over beside the high jump where they will become a shelter area, an equipment store and a mini-office for small meetings. And finally we will concrete a shot putt circle, finish off a javelin area, put some more stone in the carpark, adjust the new lights to focus them downwards, and hey presto, we’re finished (for now!).

But as usual we need your help. We still have to pay for the above and need to continue raising funds urgently in September and October.

There are numerous ways you can help us financially:-

  • Support our lotto
  • Come along to our 5k race
  • Sign up for our park membership
  • Make a straight donation to the club
  • Take up one of our advertising/sponsorship options

We are really dependent on our members support so please review above and consider how you can help us. And if you have already done so, thank you!! What we are developing will be an amazing facility for use by both our members and their parents and the wider to community. It is very worthy of your support. Please don’t let the opportunity pass you (and us!) by.

Thank you!!

Mike Tobin

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