Scottish Indoors 2016

Scottish Indoors 2016

The club will be travelling again to the Scottish Indoors next year. Normally all age groups were on the same weekend. This year unfortunately they have split it in 2 on the following dates:-


Weekend 1: U17s and Seniors January 30th
Weekend 2: U15s and U20s March 5th, U13s and U20s March 6th

We won’t need to decide on individual events just yet. The fixtures list is at the following link and more information on the program will be made available there later. The events available are the standard ones available in Ireland, sprints, hurdles, jumps, shot putt, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500.

The date cut-off for the age groups is 1st September so someone born on or after 1 September is an age group younger for Scotland in some cases, e.g. next year an U16 whose birthday is Sept or later is an U16 in Ireland but an U15 in Scotland. An over-17 can compete in seniors if wished (if they preferred to travel on the 1st weekend).

I need to know asap who is interested in going. In most cases athletes are accompanied by a parent. If that is not possible, the parent needs to arrange with another parent who is travelling and who will take responsibility for their athlete for the weekend.

People who decide early on going will get their flights cheaper. Several have already booked oiut on the 2pm Ryanair Friday flight out of Dublin and back on the 9.50pm Ryanair flight back on the Sunday.

I will block book the accommodation. Last year the accommodation in Jurys worked out as €107 for 2 nights for 1 person. Jurys is in the city centre. There are cheaper hotels but we’d have to make sure they are in safe area so that its easy for the athletes to go to the city centre shops on their own (with permission of course). We can worry about the hotel in a week or two’s time.

For those who have never been before, its a great weekend – a nice reward for athletes hard work and a vibrant city centre for parents to visit. We normally keep it to just secondary school athletes. A small number (3 in total) of 6th class athletes travelled on previous occasions and competed U13s and did very well. But ideally its best to wait till a little older as an inventive for continuing sport in secondary school.

Check out some of the previous times we went here:-

You can search for detailed reports on previous trips to Glasgow if interested in more detail.

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