Senior Club Autumn Roadmap

Senior Club Autumn Roadmap

It's back to school time and the evenings are closing in.  However it's not all doom and gloom – there is plenty going on to look forward to!  Here are some of the big ones for the senior runners.

Tuesday 16th September:  Fit4Life 

Starting back on it's 5th term, the incredibly popular and successful Fit4Life programme will be welcomed by many.  This is an excellent opportunity to shed some of those holiday pounds and put a bit of pep in your step for the winter. 

Entering is easy – just turn up to the school at 8:30 on the night to register with guru Tony Nevin.

Sunday 27-28th September: Loughrea 5-miler and Seminar 

This race promises to be really something special – the club are really making a huge effort this year.  To give you an idea of how highly this race is viewed in running circles – I was driving through Loughrea on Saturday morning and noticed a group of Loughrea athletes jogging around the course in the company of legendary marathoner and former world record holder Steve Jones who wanted to "check out" the new course. 

On the Staturday before the race, there will be a seminar hosted by some of ireland's finest athletes.  We often have worries or doubts about our training and running, but these people know everything there is to know about the game so it's an excellent opportunity to pick up some tips or at least inspiration.  It's rare that you get such a high quality race right next door, so it would be excellent if Craughwell could get big numbers out to support this local event.  To register, log on to

Monday 29th September: Circuit Training

Circuit Training makes it's return after the summer break.  With dark dangerous roads and soggy fields this is one of the safest , most effective ways of improving our fitness, pace and general health throughout the winter, and an excellent supplement to any running program.  Plus it's fun and social too!

To register turn up at Craughwell hall at 8:30 on the night.

Saturday 4th October: Galway Bay 10 Miler 

Another big race in the Galway calendar, the GB10 is going from strength to strength.  I won't be able to make it myself, but anyone thinking of doing the Dublin marathon would probably benefit greatly from running it – the timing is perfect for a marathon schedule.

Monday 27th October: Dublin Marathon

Craughwell have a big team of entries in this year's Dublin marathon.  Hopefully everyone makes it to the startline unscathed.  In fact, this year above any year all the Galway clubs seem to have huge entries – almost everyone I talk to is taking on the terrifying 26.2 mile challenge.  Let's hope it's a great day for everyone and that we come out of it injury-free and still loving the sport!

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