Senior Training Schedule

Senior Training Schedule

It's good to talk!  Running is addictive and fun, but is a lot easier to keep it up and improve if you have company! 

More fun with friends!

This is especially true on when faced with wet dark winter nights and long marathon runs. Chatting with running mates can be the best source of information on how to cure that long-lasting injury or how to shave that minute of your 10K time.

 DaySession  DetailsWhen 

Circuit Training

Senior tempo


Astro Turf / Running Track



 TuesdaySenior Speedwork 

Astro Turf / Running Track

Note: A juvenille session is on at the same time so if numbers grow to more than 6 or 7 we will relocate this to another location.

 Fit4Life Beg.Astro Turf / Running Track 20:45 
 Wednesday Fit4Life Adv Astro Turf / Running Track 18:45
 Thursday Fit4Life Beg. Astro Turf / Running Track 21:15

 Senior Hillwork

Fit4Life Adv.

 Rnnville Park

Astro Turf / Running Track



 SaturdayFit4Life Beg. Astro Turf / Running Track    unnoficial session  09:30 

Currently these are the sessions frequented by the Senior squad members:  we have other informal meetups throughout the week and if these turn out to be more regular meetings we will add them to the list: 

For future reference this list can always be found under Training… Senior Training Schedule.

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