September 2020 Athletics Training Times

September 2020 Athletics Training Times

Please see the list below for details of training times for this autumn. 

There have been some revisions to times so that the club can safely handle the groups during the pandemic in accordance with HSE guidelines. The list includes the age group coordinators, training times and the dates each group resumes. 

It will be necessary for the club to impose some restrictions on group size in some of the age groups due to the public health guidelines … as if groups grow too large, it will be very difficult to ensure social distancing in some groups. This decision will be taken by the coordinator and the coaches in each age group depending on the current size of the group.

For new members, waiting lists of new athletes wanting to join will be used if necessary – please contact the age group coordinator in regard to joining. Hopefully parents will understand if their child cannot immediately join – the safety of all our members is paramount and the club can only take new members where the numbers in the age group allow that to be done safely. Contacting the coordinator by text or WhatsApp message is preferable to a phone call in case it’s during their working hours.

Priority will be given to current members and members who are renewing their membership this September.

Existing members whose membership expires this Autumn can renew online at the clubforce membership link. Members returning are asked to renew as soon as possible in order for us to determine group sizes and the number of new members we can accept. Coordinators will be in touch with members due for renewal.

If the list below does not display correctly in your browser, please doubleclick the image or click here to open it on a separate page.

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