Sizzling Performances at Connacht Indoors!

Sizzling Performances at Connacht Indoors!

Craughwell AC’s U18 Girls 4x200m Team – Connacht Indoor Champions 2016
Aisling Keady, Lorraine Delaney, Laura Cunningham, Caoilin Milton

The club had another mighty series of performances across the 2 days of the Connacht Indoors at the weekend with a large contingent of athletes in action and some exceptional performances across all of the age groups.

There were many multiple medal winners with 11 athletes featuring on the podium 3 or more times including Lorraine Delaney with gold in the U18 relay and U17 high jump and silver in the U17 long jump, hurdles and relay; Laura Cunningham with gold in the U18 relay and U17 long jump, silver in the U17 relay and bronze in the U17 200m and high jump; Aisling Keady with gold in the U18 high jump, triple jump and 4x200m and silver in the long jump; Daniel Callanan-Forde with gold in the U17 200m and long jump and silver in the relay; Sean Connaughton with gold in the U15 60m and long jump and silver in the relay; Evan Hallinan with gold in the U12 long jump and high jump and silver in the relay; Oisin Lyons with gold in the U17 800m and silver in the shot putt and relay; Caoilin Milton with gold in the U18 relay, silver in the U17 relay and bronze in the U17 shot putt; Shaun Gilligan with gold in the U14 relay, silver in the long jump and bronze in the 60m; Ciana Reidy with silver in the U17 high jump and relay and bronze in the long jump; and Cian Lavan with silver in the U12 relay and bronze in the 600m and hurdles. 

Results are here. Read on for full details of the Craughwell performances and some photos of the day.

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Craughwell AC’s Dearbhaile Walshe Connacht U18 Indoor 400m Champion and
Orla Ryan and Katie O’Donoghue  joint Connacht Senior Indoor High Jump Champions 
and top 2 in the senior long jump

There were several others who narrowly missed out on podium finishes when placing 4th including Aoife Walsh who was 4th in 3 of the U17 events, Ava Finn 4th by 1cm in the U14 long jump, Saoirse Moore 4th by 0.02s in the U13 hurdles, Liam McDonagh 4th by 1cm on countback in the U13 long jump, Jade Moorhead and Jade Whelton joint 4th by 2cm in the U12 long jump and Daniel Galvin 4th by 0.44s in the U12 600m. And there was particularly bad luck for 1 of the U12 girls team when the tricky third leg of the 4x100m where athletes can cut in, saw Erin Kelly and an Athenry athlete slightly bump off each other and Erin took a heavy fall … but with huge bravery she got to her feet, retrieved the baton and battled on. And in the closest race of the day, Jack Fitzgerald just missed out on qualification in the U14 hurdles by a thousandth of a second when placing 4th behind clubmate Padraig Martyn.

20160221 173853

Craughwell AC’s U17 Boys 4x200m Team – Connacht Indoor Silver Medallists 2016
Oisin Lyons, Jerry Keary, Louis Molloy, Daniel Callanan-Forde

Full details of the Craughwell performances which made the top 4 are as follows:-

Senior Men 800m 1 Gavin Cooney 2.12.59; Long Jump 3 Gavin Cooney 5.14. Senior Women High Jump 1 Katie O’Donoghue 1.50, 1 Orla Ryan 1.50; Long Jump 1 Orla Ryan 4.39, 2 Katie O’Donoghue 4.32.

U19 Boys 1500m 3 Ben Vahey 5.02.75; Long Jump 1 Matthew McKernan 5.80; Triple Jump 1 Matthew McKernan 11.96.

U18 Boys 800m 4 Ben Garrard 2.17.18, Long Jump 1 Ben Garrard 5.72; U18 Girls 60m 1 Michelle Duggan 8.16; 400m 1 Dearbhaile Walshe 65.55; 4x200m 1 Craughwell 1.52.44 (Caoilin Milton, Lorraine Delaney, Aisling Keady, Laura Cunningham); High Jump 1 Aisling Keady 1.45; Long Jump 2 Aisling Keady 4.83; Triple Jump 1 Aisling Keady 9.35.

20160221 133200

Craughwell AC U17 and U18 Long Jumpers
Aoife Walshe, Caoilin Milton, Ciana Reidy, Lorraine Delaney, Aisling Keady, Shauna Tobin, Laura Cunningham

U17 Girls 60m Hurdles 2 Lorraine Delaney 13.52; 200m 3 Laura Cunningham 27.93; 4x200m 2 Craughwell 1.54.10 (Caoilin Milton, Lorraine Delaney, Ciana Reidy, Laura Cunningham, Aoife Walsh); High Jump 1 Lorraine Delaney 1.50, 2 3 Ciana Reidy 1.50, 3 Laura Cunningham 1.50, 4 Aoife Walsh 1.45; Long Jump 1 Laura Cunningham 4.68, 2 Lorraine Delaney 4.66, 3 Ciana Reidy 4.43, 4 Aoife Walsh 4.16; Shot Putt 3 Caoilin Milton 7.22, 4 Aoife Walsh 6.01. U17 Boys 200m 1 Daniel Callanan-Forde 24.32; 800m 1 Oisin Lyons 2.07.29; 4x200m 2 Craughwell (Daniel Callanan-Forde, Oisin Lyons, Louis Molloy, Jerry Keary); High Jump 1 Jerry Keary 1.85; Long Jump 1 Daniel Callanan-Forde 6.07, 3 Louis Molloy 4.79, 4 Oisin Lyons 4.59; Shot Putt 2 Oisin Lyons 8.87.

20160221 133122

Craughwell AC U17 Long Jumpers
Daniel Callanan-Forde, Louis Molloy, Oisin Lyons

U15 Girls 60m 4 Freya Bohan 8.39; Long Jump 3 Freya Bohan 4.38, 4 Leanagh Gilligan 4.34. U15 Boys 60m Hurdles 4 Ryan Gallagher 9.95; 60m 1 Sean Connaughton 7.91; 4x200m 2 Craughwell 1.50.31 (Sean Connaughton, Ryan Gallagher, Kyle Moorhead, Ciaran Connaughton, Finbarr McFadden); High Jump 2 Ryan Gallagher 1.55; Long Jump 1 Sean Connaughton 5.05, 2 Ciaran Connaughton 4.56.

IMG 20160221 171624

Craughwell AC’s U15 Boys 4x200m Team – Connacht Indoor Silver Medallists 2016
Ryan Gallagher, Sean Connaughton, Ciaron Connaughton, Kyle Moorhead, Finbar McFadden

U14 Girls 4x200m 4 Craughwell 1.59.33; U14 Girls High Jump 1 Aine Kelly 1.40, 2 Ellie Cronin 1.40, 3 Ava Finn 1.35; Long Jump 1 Aine Kelly 4.28, 4 Ava Finn 4.18. U14 Boys 60m 3 Shaun Gilligan 8.48; 60m Hurdles 1 Jack Farrell 10.77, 3 Padraig Martyn 11.46, 4 Jack Fitzgerald 11.46; 800m 2 Liam Leen 2.29.55, 3 Gavin Lee 2.31.57; 4x200m 1 Craughwell 1.56.73 (Conor Trehy, Shaun Gilligan, Liam Leen, Gavin Lee); High Jump 2 Lewis Ryan 1.30; Long Jump 2 Shaun Gilligan 4.18, 4 Jack Farrell 3.96; Shot Putt 3 Sean Cahill 6.98.

IMG 20160221 165721

Craughwell AC’s U15 Girls 4x200m Team at the Connacht Indoor Championships
Leanagh Gilligan, Eva Kelly, Freya Bohan, Ellie Cronin

U13 Girls 60m Hurdles 4 Saoirse Moore 11.74; U13 Boys 60m Hurdles 1 Conor Hoade 10.43, 3 Sean Fox 10.70; 4x100m 4 Craughwell (Sean Fox, Lukas Schukat, Conor Hoade, Liam McDonagh, Liam Mulveen); High Jump 2 Lukas Schukat 1.35, 3 Liam McDonagh 1.35, 4 Robert Urquhart 1.30; Long Jump 1 Conor Hoade 4.17, 2 Lukas Schukat 4.04, 4 Liam McDonagh 4.01.

U12 Girls Long Jump 4 Jade Moorhead/Jade Whelton 3.31; Shot Putt 1 Aoibhe Fahy 5.60, 4 Rosemary Maduka 5.44; U12 Boys 60m Hurdles 3 Cian Lavan 11.44; 600m 3 Cian Lavan 1.56.07, 4 Daniel Galvin 1.56.51; 4x100m 2 Craughwell 60.27 (Ryan McDonnell, Evan Hallinan, Luke Flynn, Cian Lavan, Shane Concannon), 4 Craughwell 60.75 (Cormac Conneely, Cathal Sweeney, Fiachra Bond, Daniel Galvin, Calvin Ryan); High Jump 1 Evan Hallinan 1.30, 4 Calvin Ryan 1.15; Long Jump 1 Evan Hallinan 4.03.

20160221 133010

Top 3 in the U17 High Jump and Long Jump at the Connacht Indoor Championships in Athlone
Lorraine Delaney, Laura Cunningham, Ciana Reidy


Ryan Gallagher
Silver Medallist in the U15 Boys High Jump with a new PB of 1.55m.

20160221 173313

Craughwell AC’s U17 Girls 4x200m Team – Connacht Indoor Silver Medallists 2016
Lorraine Delaney, Laura Cunningham, Ciana Reidy, Aoife Walshe, Caoilin Milton






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