South Connacht Schools Track & Field

South Connacht Schools Track & Field

The order of events for tomorrow’s track and field is as follows. Please note that it starts at 10am and it is in Dangan. The order of the field events isn’t known yet.



1.200m Minor

2.200m Minor

3.200m Junior

4.200m Junior

5.200m Inter

6.200m inter

7.200m senior

8.200m senior

9.200m finals

10.800m Minor

11.800m Minor

12.800m Junior

13.800m Junior

14.800m Inter Girls

15.800m Inter Boys

16.800m Senior Girls

17.800m Senior Boys

18.Minor Girls 100m

19.Minor Boys 100m

20.Junior Girls 100m

21.Junior Boys 100m

22.Inter Girls 100m

23.inter Boys 100m

24.Senior Girls 100m

25.Senior Boys 100m

26.100m Finals

27.3000m Inter/Senior Girls

28.3000m Inter Boys

29.75m Hurdles Junior Girls

30.80m Hurdles Junior Girls

31.80m Hurdles Junior Boys

32.100m Hurdles Senior Girls

33.100m Hurdles Inter Boys

34.110m Hurdles Senior Boys

35.300m Inter girls

36.400m Inter Boys

37.400m Senior Girls

38.400m Senior Boys

39.1500m Minor Girls

40.1500m Minor Boys

41.1500m Junior Girls

42.1500m Junior Boys

43.1500m Inter Girls

44.1500m Inter Boys

45.1500m Senior Girls

46.1500m senior Boys

47.4 x 100m Relay Minor Girls

48.4 x 100m Relay Minor Boys

49.4 x 100m Relay Junior Girls

50.4 x 100m Relay Junior Boys

51.4 x 100m Relay Inter Girls

52.4 x 100m Relay Inter Boys

53.4 x 100m Relay Senior Girls

54.4 x 100m Relay Senior Boys

55.4 x 100m Relay Finals

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