Spar Mile Challenge July 7th Dangan

Spar Mile Challenge July 7th Dangan

Athletics Ireland are widely promoting a mass participation 1-mile race on July 7th at many venues nationwide. It promises to be an exciting event with a great buzz as large numbers will be taking part.

The Galway venue is in Dangan, adjacent to the track since the track is out of bounds for the summer months due to resurfacing works.

It will be an excellent event for people of all levels and ages and the club is trying to encourage as many as possible of its athletes and parents! to participate.

You can walk it, jog it or race it depending on what you feel you are up to! There are different races depending on what you think your time will be. You will be ranked within your age group, your profession etc to see where you fit in.

There's not many races that are suitable for parents and children to take part in the same race – this event is possibly unique for that. So get the family out that day and into Dangan and race it, jog it, walk it, crawl it or be carried (depending on your age of course).

Start time for the Dangan event is 11am, with a series races for different categories between then and 3pm.

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