Sports & Recreation Park Access

Sports & Recreation Park Access

Craughwell AC’s Sports & Recreation Park is an 8-acre park adjacent to Craughwell village and Craughwell National School. The club are continually continually developing the park to provide high quality facilities and to help finance this, the club make its facilities available to the public at off-peak hours for a small annual fee of €50 which equates to less than €1 per week.

What do you get?

The state-of-the-art facility provides an ideal safe environment for year-round health and fitness in the fresh air!

  • Car parking!
  • Flood lit until 10pm Mon-Friday!
  • Grass routes which can be used for walking, jogging and running!
  • 800m surrounding track and walkway!
  • Clean tartan outdoor surface – ideal for Core, Flexibility and Strength training.
  • 6-lane 400m Tartan track!
  • Adjacent 6-lane 140m tartan sprint straights!
  • Warm fuzzy feeling that you are helping!

Support Our Park!!

At present, the hours available to park members are:

  • All day Saturday and Sunday
  • Up to 5.30pm and after 8.45pm on Monday to Friday

The place is always buzzing with people so you are sure to meet others and find friends to walk, run or train with.

It is envisaged that as facilities are further improved, more time will be made available but for now our club training sessions will have exclusive use of the hours as above.

Terms and Conditions

  • No dogs on the facility – we love dogs but even on leads they are tripping and hygeine hazards around speedy athletes.
  • No bicycles, stakes or rollerblades.
  • No photographs or videos to be taken without express permission of the committee.
  • Membership is for 12 months from the date of joining and renewable each year on the anniversary.
  • If walking on the trail, please be conscious of others using it for athletics training – i.e.
    • try not to walk abreast and leave space for runners to pass. 
    • In general, walk and run in an anti-clockwise direction to avoid clashes.
    • If a group of athletes at the track, check with their coach that it’s okay to train – it will usually be fine.
  • Park Membership is not Athletic Club membership. Contact the Juvenile or Senior club as normal for that.
  • Juvenile AC Members are automatically Park Members and can train anytime
  • The committee reserve the right to decline or to cancel park membership if necessary – and would refund any outstanding fees proportionally in that unlikely situation.