Sports & Recreation Park Membership

Sports & Recreation Park Membership

In response to public demand and requests from parents, the club is launching a facility membership scheme whereby members of the public can pay an annual subscription to use the grass routes on the new facility for walking, jogging and running. Membership application form is here. All subscriptions go directly towards the development of the facility. Between membership subscriptions, fundraising and grants, it is hoped to raise €250,000 over the next 2 years to develop the facility.

It is separate to membership of the club – people join the juvenile or senior club as normal to participate in club training sessions and take part in competition. But if you are using the new facility, you need to pay the facility membership. Facility membership is automatically included in the existing juvenile membership subscription and a family option will be introduced to facilitate parents. And for folks who have already made donations to the facility or are thinking of it, we will use your donation to offset your park membership subscription.

Please note that for the moment until facilities are further improved, juvenile training sessions will have exclusive use of the hours 6-9pm on Mon-Thurs of the week but is available outside of these 3 hours and all day Fri, Sat and Sun for park members. This will be reviewed as the facility is improved.


Panoramic view from the centre of the new grounds – click to enlarge

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