Strong Performances from Craughwell AC at Galway Indoors

Strong Performances from Craughwell AC at Galway Indoors

There were many fine performances at the Galway Indoor Track & Field last Saturday in Nenagh. I will update this article tonight with a detailed report. If anyone has any photos that they'd like included, please email them on to me. Craughwell were the leading club on the day taking a massive total of 50 Galway titles, 41 2nd place and 32 3rd place. The detailed results are below.


Thanks to everyone from the club who helped out on the day – I know some of you will feel that the day was very long but it would have been much longer were it not for all the help we had from parents and coaches. We had at least 12 parents from Craughwell AC helping out for a large part of the day. It was particularly long for our 10s and we will definitely make representations to try to get the younger events completed earlier in the day in future – perhaps focussing on the younger ages first with older ages starting later in the day.

I have put provisional results on the web at:-

The following is a more detailed account of the performances across the age groups.



While I didn’t get to see many of the individual events, Finbar McFadden’s performance in the 350m was exceptional and his tactical awareness belied his young age. Sitting in 2nd place for the first half of the race a few metres adrift of the leader, he accelerated down the back straight and won the race at ease by several seconds. Mia Waters also had a strong run in her 350m to take individual silver having earlier took gold in the 60m sprint, while the relay teams performed very well, as did the long jumpers led by Ryan Gallagher, Cian Garman, Jane Trehy and Sarah McCartin. This is a particularly strong age group for the club – having had the best performance ever of any age group in the club at last year’s U9 National Championships – so it was great to see them out in force at this year’s indoors.

U10 Girls 4x100m1Craughwell A1.14.1   U10 Boys 4x100m1Craughwell A1.10.8
 2Craughwell B1.17.3    3Craughwell B1.18.1
 4Craughwell C1.20.9       
U10 Girls 60m1Mia Waters        
 2Jane Trehy        
U10 Girls 350m2Mia Waters1.16.3   U10 Boys 350m1Finbarr McFadden1.08.5
 5Sinead Kane1.23.7    4Alex Evans1.14.4
 6Ailbhe Miskella1.24.3    6Ryan Gallagher1.19.7
 7Caoimhe Kelleher1.25.5    7Garvin Surlis1.20.3
 10Sarah Woods1.30.5    8Niall Martin1.21.2
 11Penny Wells1.31.4    9Ciarian Connaughton1.23.4
        10Gavin Lee1.29.1


U10 Girls Long Jump1Jane Trehy3.09   U10 Boys  Long Jump1Ryan Gallagher3.09
 3Sarah McCartin2.90    2Cian Garman3.02
 4Eva Kelly2.84    5Fionn McArdle2.40
 5Ava Finn2.74       
 12Kirby Dooley2.16       
 13Amber Whelton2.01       


The U11s battled real hard against strong opposition, particularly from Athenry AC. Micheál McFadden took a fine individual sprint medal. With this being the first time any of these athletes had to jump from the board in the long jump, it was difficult to get long jump PBs on the day – but all of the athletes jumped very well and it will be very good experience for the outdoors. Siona Lawless and Roisin Hansbury were particularly impressive in the long jump.

4x100m1Craughwell A1.13.3   4x100m4Craughwell1.09.7
 2Craughwell B1.20.9       
60m2Siona Lawless    60m2Micheal McFadden 
550m1Clare Treacy 2.21.9   550m5Darren Lyons2.05.2
 2Abigeal McNally 2.25.2    8Michael Hand2.13.9
Long Jump1Siona  Lawless 2.89   Long Jump4Micheal McFadden 3.08
 3Roisin Hansbury 2.87    5Darren Lyons2.94
 5Claire Broderick 2.65    7Oisin Connaughton2.56
 6Clare Treacy 2.30       
 8Sarah Callanan 2.15       
 9Siofra Collins1.88       
 10Leigha O'Boyle1.85       



The U12 boys were particularly impressive in their events. With each athlete allowed to do 3 out of 5 individual events, the club totally dominated taking all 3 medals in the high jump, all 3 medals in the long jump, 3 out of the 4 medals awarded in the 600m, 2 out of the 3 medals in the shot putt, 1 of the 3 medals in the 60m sprint and 2 sets of relay medals. It was an incredible performance but one highlight it missed was the fantastic performance of Diarmuid McCartin in the sprint. Diarmuid is lightening fast and often showed flashes of this sort of potential in training. So it was super to see him come within a whisker of a medal last Saturday. Luke Evans was unlucky in the long jump and could have added a metre to his jump with a bit more practise to get his mark accurate. Mark O’Brien and Cian Waters threw excellent shots to take gold and silver and incredibly 7 other athletes from the club in this age group took individual medals – Sean Delaney (HJ, 600m), Jerry Keary (60m, LJ, HJ), Brendan Commins (HJ, 600m), Cillian Doyle (HJ, LJ), Hugh Mulryan (600m) and Peter Martyn (LJ).

The girls had a good day out also, with Dearbhla Cronin leading the way with 3 medals. Our long jumps were a little down on the day on PBs but so were many older athletes so when we go to a warmer Nenagh in March it will be PB time again hopefully. Laura Cunningham took the silver in the long jump and will be eying up the Connachts ambitiously, hopefully with her jumping partner Aoife Walshe back from illness. Ciana Reidy was unlucky not to take a medal in the long jump and in the 600m, finishing in 2nd in her heat in the 600m which turned out to be the slower of the two heats. Shauna Tobin made her debut in the high jump with a bronze medal. Ciara Murphy and Caolin Milton performed very well, particularly in the relays, as did Sinead Kennedy.

4x100m3Craughwell A1.07.5   4x100m1Craughwell A1.04.8
 5Craughwell B1.10.8    3Craughwell B1.06.9
        4Craughwell C1.07.1
       60m3Jerry Keary 
600m3Dearbhla Cronin2.17.1   600m2Sean Delaney2.06.9
 9Ciana Reidy2.26.8    3Brendan Cummins2.07.5
 14Shauna Tobin2.46.4    3Hugh Mulryan2.07.5
        6Cillian Doyle2.09.5
        8Conor Lee2.10.8
        9Peter Martyn2.15.2
       Shot Putt1Mark O'Brien6.88
        2Cian Waters6.53
        5Diarmuid McCartin5.62
High Jump1Derbhla Cronin1.09   High Jump1Cillian Doyle1.24
 2Laura Cunningham1.03    2Sean Delaney1.15
 3Shauna Tobin1.00    3Jerry Keary1.15
        3Brendan Commins1.15
Long Jump2Laura Cunningham3.16   Long Jump1Peter Martyn3.60
 4Ciana Reidy3.13    2Jerry Keary3.55
 5Ciara Murphy3.10    3Cillian Doyle3.36
 7Sinead Kennedy2.44    4Sean Delaney3.33
        6Stephen O'Connor3.17
        7Hugh Mulryan3.15
        9Diarmuid McCartin3.08
        11Conor Lee2.95
        14Luke Evans1.74



Another strong performance by the U13s, particularly the girls with Aisling Keady-Cummins and Emma Gaffney being two of the very few athletes to get a PB in the long jump on the day, particularly good jumps. Brian Loughnane was very unlucky to break all 3 of his jumps – they were certainly good enough to make the medals. Michelle Duggan picked up an injury in the high jump but had competed well up to then. The relay teams in this age group were exemplary, winning both Galway titles with slick baton passing. Most improved athlete award must go to Eimear Loughnane who took a fine individual medal in the sprint.

4x100m1Craughwell A1.01.4   4x100m2Craughwell A1.00.3
  Craughwell B1.12.4    3Craughwell B1.07.5
60m Hurdles1Emma Gaffney    60m Hurdles3Dylan Finn 
 2Aisling Keady-Cummins        
 3Eimear Loughname        
60m3Eimear Loughnane        
600m3Dearbhaile Walshe2.09.9   600m3Brian Loughnane2.01.6
 6Aoife Greene2.17.1    4Liam Moran2.04.5
        5Mikey Burke2.14.4
        7Gearoid Treacy2.25.9
Shot Putt1Eva Prendergast6.10   Shot Putt1Nathan Lynskey7.47
 2Dearbhaile Walshe5.00    2Sam McArdle6.71
        4Gearoid Treacy3.70
High Jump1Aisling Keady-Cummins1.15   High Jump2Jim Crowley1.25
 2Emma Gaffney1.10    3Sam McArdle1.15
 3Michelle Duggan1.10       
Long Jump1Ashling Keady-Cummins3.87   Long Jump4Dylan Finn3.38
 2Emma Gaffney3.79    5Liam Moran3.38
 10Dearbhaile Walshe2.59    6Mikey Burke3.29


Tara McNally was the star of this age group and the top athlete on the day for the club with 5 gold medals (2 relays). She had a real good battle with Athenry’s Grace Cahill in the high jump. Both athletes had shared the bronze medal in the outdoor All-Irelands last year and they pushed each other all the way last Saturday with Tara just shading it. In her first competitive outing and the first time (in many years at least) that race walking has featured in the Galway Indoors, Andrea Tobin competed very well to win gold in the 1000m race-walk. Grainne McDaid had her customary strong performance in the 800m, winning at ease by over 40m.

4x200m1Craughwell    4x200m3Craughwell2.17.5
60m1Tara McNally        
800m1Grainne McDaid2.53.8   800m3Liam Forde2.55.9
        6James Delaney3.09.2
1000m Walk1Andrea Tobin    Shot Putt1Cathal O'Brien10.06
        5Andrew Oboyle5.54
High Jump1Tara McNally1.37   Shot Putt (2)1Cathal Quill3.14
Long Jump1Tara McNally4.04   Long Jump5Andrew O'Boyle3.30
 5Andrea Tobin3.08    6Liam Forde3.10



A strong performance in the sprints and the relays was the usual trademark of our U15s. Our sprinting prowess is growing by the day – with Kelvin, Aidan and Conor taking the top 3 places in this age group. Ellen Treacy made a super return to the high jump with a 1.30 clearance. Kelvin Olayemi heaved the shot putt over 10m, a very impressive throw, while Damien O’Boyle and Jamie Spellman had a good old battle in the 800m with Damien looking like he had the victory at the half-way stage but Jamie recovering on the 2nd last lap to go on to take the gold. Damien earlier had a fine performance in the high jump despite zero practise sessions! Shane Finn and Emma Byrne both had very good performance in the race walk, with the Battle of Ballywinna ensuing on the last lap as Emma challenged for the lead over her neighbour but Shane holding on to the top spot.

4x200m1Craughwell2.05.1   4x200m1Craughwell2.00.0
       60m Hurdles1Conor Duggan 
        2Damien O'Boyle 
60m2Sinead Treacy    60m1Kelvin Olayemi 
        2Aidan Conneely 
        3Conor Duggan 
800m2Sinead Treacy2.49.8   800m1Jamie Spellman2.24.9
 3Ciara Greene2.59.6    2Damien O'Boyle2.25.9
1000m Walk1Emma Bryne    1000m Walk1Shane Finn 
       Shot Putt1Kelvin Olayemi10.08
High Jump1Ellen Treacy1.30   High Jump1Damien O'Boyle1.40
Long Jump2Ciara Greene2.71   Long Jump1Kelvin Olayemi4.73
2Conor O'Donoghue4.37


Combined with the U17s for this competition, it was always going to be tough for the U16s but nevertheless they had some top-class performances most notably from Ella Bryan who is back to form in the high jump. Only for difficulty with her long jump mark, Claire Ryder would have gone close to 5m in the long jump which would have been a very good early season jump. Gabrielle Tobin also competed well in the long jump, unlucky not to break her PB. Conor Gillen and Nicholas Sheehan had a real battle of wits in the 800m, with both running an extremely tactical race. Joined at the hip (and elbows!) for most of the race, the two friends made an incredible surge for the last 300m with Nicholas victorious on this occasion. Cathal Reidy had a strong performance in the sprints and long jump with a good PB of x.x, while Diarmuid Prendergast threw a great shot putt to win that competition. Christopher O’Connor put in a big race in the 1000m race walk, making great progress in this event. Oisin McNally was another athlete to make a welcome return to competition, competing well in the high jump to come close to his PB.

In the U17s, Maireád McCan and Maria McNamara were really top of their game in the long jump and high jump, with both been very unlucky not to break 5m in the long jump with a tiny break on their final jumps which looked 5+ metres. Maria was unlucky not to equal her PB of 1.55m in the high jump despite the cold conditions and Maireád (after years of persuasion!) finally attempted the high jump and jumped exceptionally well. Melissa Mullins was another athlete in good form, with a good performance in the hurdles and a strong long jump. Sineád Gaffney confirmed her potential in the 800m when taking the gold medal, with Orla McDaid making a welcome return to the event when taking the bronze medal, just ahead of Laura Porter who was also making a comeback after a lengthy season of camogie.

Coming out of retirement for this event, Peter Treacy sprinted well and also claimed a bronze in the long jump. New recruit Darren Kelly claimed 3 medals on his competition debut in the 60m, 200m and long jump – a particularly impressive performance with limited practise.

4x200m2Craughwell A1.58.1   4x200m3Craughwell1.55.3
 4Craughwell B2.07.8       
60m Hurdles1Maria McNamara        
 2Melissa Mullins        
60m3Mairead McCan    60m2Darren Kelly 
200m2Claire Ryder29.3   200m2Darren Kelly26.3
 4Sinead Gaffney30.2       
 5Melissa Mullins32.5       
U17 Girls 800m1Sinead Gaffney2.42.2   U16 Boys 800m1Nicholas Sheehan2.28.9
 3Orla McDaid2.47.2    2Conor Gillen2.31.6
 4Laura Porter2.49.9       
       Race Walk1Christopher O'Connor 
       Shot Putt1Diarmuid Prendergast9.32
High Jump1Maria McNamara1.50   High Jump2Oisin McNally1.45
 2Ella Bryan1.45       
 3Mairead McCan1.40       
 4Caoimhe Quill1.20       
Long Jump1Mairead McCan4.79   Long Jump2Darren Kelly4.99
 2Maria McNamara4.65    3Peter Treacy4.47
 3Claire Ryder4.58    4Cathal Reidy4.37
 4Sinead Gaffney4.39       
 5Ella Bryan4.03       
 6Melissa Mullins3.93       
 9Gabrielle Tobin3.64       


With U18s and 19s and seniors competing together, some events proved very challenging for our U18s.

Katie O’Donoghue attempted high jump in individual competition for the first time, scissoring an incredible 1.40m but leaving the competition at that stage as it clashed with the relays. Later Katie ran a strong 800m to take bronze, with Linda Porter making a welcome return to the track and delivering her trademark lung-bursting last 200m to take the 800m title in style.

Cathriona Farrell had a strong performance in the senior high jump to take the Galway title with a 1.70m clearance in spite of the exceptionally cold conditions. Cathriona later easily won the long jump and only for a tiny break on her final jump, would have recorded a very good 5.19m early season jump. It’s great for the club and for the younger athletes to have an athlete of Cathriona’s calibre compete in the Galway indoors – hopefully in years to come when younger athletes are watching Cathriona compete in major televised championships, they can say that they competed the same day as her in Nenagh!

Cathal Cronin put in a good performance on his debut for the club in the 200m and long jump. Peadar Harvey had a great battle in the 3000m with his friend and rival Keith Fallon – with Keith just shading it in the last few metres of the race, while Pádraic Tobin had a fine performance in the senior men’s 800m knocking an incredible 23 seconds off his indoor PB from 2009 when finishing 4th in 2:16.4. David Farrell underlined his potential again with a 5.40m jump in the long jump despite two breaks and ran a blistering first leg in the 4x200m relay. Unfortunately an injury prevented David from taking part in the individual 200m later in the day but hopefully he can do so in the Connachts as judging on his relay form, he will be a serious contender for a medal.

4x200m1Craughwell2.05.1   4x200m4Craughwell1.43.9
       200m4Cathal Cronin27.5
800m1Linda Porter2.38.1   800m4Pádraic Tobin2.16.4
 3Katie O'Donoghue2.42.6       
       Junior 3000m2Peadar Harvey 
High Jump1Cathriona Farrell1.7   Shot Putt2Peadar Harvey7.85
 2Katie O'Donoghue1.4       
Long Jump1Cathriona Farrell4.88   Long Jump3David Farrell5.40
        6Cathal Cronin4.86
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