Summary of National Juvenile Outdoor T&F Dates/Events

Summary of National Juvenile Outdoor T&F Dates/Events

Following is a summary of the days on which the National Juvenile Track & Field will be held. All of this information is contained in the AAI's Juvenile Competition Handbook at:-

I am summarising it here to help athletes see more clearly when each event is on. Note there have been some amendments since the booklet was first published so if in doubt please go by the list below and if still in doubt, please contact Michael Tobin @ 087 6591879.

Sun 24 June
U9/10 Team Event
U11/12 Team Event
U9-12 Relays


Sat 14 JulySun 15 JulySat 28th July
U13-19 sprint hurdlesU17-19 300m/400mU14-19 1500m
U16G walksU15-19 long hurdlesU14-19 200m
U13-19 sprintsU13 600m
U14-19 800m
U16-19 3000m
U14, U15, U16G, U17G HammerU16B Hammer
U14,15,17 Long jumpU13, U16 Long jump
U15, U16 High JumpU13, U14 high jumpU17G high jump
U14G, U15B ShotU13, U14B, U16G shotU15G, U16B, U17 shot
U15B, U16 JavelinU13, U14 javelinU15G, U17 javelin
U14B, U15G DiscusU17G discusU14G, U15B, U16 discus
U16G Triple jumpU15B triple jumpU16B, U17G triple jump


Sun 29th July
U13-19 Relays
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