Summer holiday home exchange

Summer holiday home exchange

Okay – this is one of those off the wall snippets.  I got an email through this website from a lady in Eugene Oregon who is interested in swapping homes for a period over the summer.  We did home exchanges before for holidays and for us at least they work out great.  In case you don't know where it is, Eugene is the home of the legendary Steve Prefontaine, possibly the biggest cult hero in running.  She seems to be a running fan..

I spent a bit of time in Oregon before and it's a really nice place – perfect for running with hot dry summers and wet winters.  You never know it might interest someone. Her details are below.

"Hello – I live in Eugene, Oregon (Running Capitol of the ….. and
Track City USA)  and this summer I am interested in swapping homes
with someone in Ireland.  During the month of July we have track meets
at Hayward Field every week for all age groups. I also live very close
to running trails and … breweries, wineries and great coffee
shops.   The Diamond League (formally the Golden League) Prefontaine
Classic is on July 3rd here in Eugene at Hayward Field.  It is North
America's biggest track meet and will include world class athletes.
This is the website.

 Tickets will sell out fast.  We also host the Bach Festival from June 25th until July 11th.  The
website is

If you know of any members in your club who might be interested please
contact me.  I am a teacher and a runner and I spent 5 weeks traveling
in Ireland in 1985.  I would love to return with my 19 year old son,
Eamonn, who is also a runner.   It might be easiest to contact me by
sarah3and4 AT
Thank you.

For the email replace the AT with a @ (to avoid her getting a lot of spam).

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