The sunny climbs of Connemara

The sunny climbs of Connemara

All smiles!


Almost thirty Craughwell Runners made their way to the Costa of the west recently to take part in the famous Connemarathon .For some it was a repeat visit but for many it was their first, The conditions were superb for spectators but made the day far tougher than normal for all the participants.

We would like to congratulate all who took part and hope the aches and pains…. and sunburn! Have since faded and the real sense of achievement have settled in. 

Club Results Below, Sorry for the delay I was waiting for chip times to be added: 

Ps:It is difficult to pull up all club members, as they don’t show club in the results field

If I have missed anyone my apologies and please let me know.

Paul Stephens 1:45:08
David Moran 1:46:40
Anne Moran 1:50:38
John Kearney  1:50:53

Rena Deely 1:54:17

KennethBurke :56:48
Jane Reeves  1:58:26
Noel Gorman 1:59:29
Betty Coleman  2:00:27
Sheila Cannon  2:02:54
Patrick Cosgrove  2:02:56
Brian McGee 2:12:23
Mary Loughnane 2:13:33

Sharon Allen 2:13:34



Michael Walsh 2:15:47
John Conaghan  2:16:07
Helen Noonan 2:16:56
Cepta Daley 2:17:39
Brenda Gaughan 2:18:15
Fiona Diviney 2:19:30
Mary O Reilly 2:22:59
Niamh McNamara  2:23:00
Keith Devane  2:24:15
Therese Gilligan 2:30:13
Lillian Redington  2:31:29
Fionnuala Fahy 2:32:01

Fiona McGowan  2:33:18


Maria Mc Ardle  2:47:40
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