The Val/Wally Cork Marathon Challenge!

The Val/Wally Cork Marathon Challenge!

This weekend the inagural Cork City Marathon kicks off, and we have a strong entry from the craughwell side.  Val, Derbhla and Wally are all running it for the Club. 

However there's no sense letting them have all the fun.  This is an ideal time for us to run a little side-bet.

In the time-honoured tradition of betting on two flies running up a wall, we are going to run a competition to see who can guess the closest to Val and Wally's time.   Click read more for the rules and form guide.


The Rules:
Reply to this posting with comment containing your best estimate on Val and Wally's marathon times.   We sum up the differences between your projected trime and their actual time, and the person with the closest guess will get a prize from the giant Craughwell AC Coffers.   I won't reveal the prize at the moment, but it will be a good one.

The competition is open to all – members and non-members.

Form Guide:

 Wally "the Hockeyman" Walsh Image
 Age Inestimable.  Definitely very old, or at least looks it. 
 Personal Target Wally is hoping to break 3:30
 Previous Times 

 About 60 years ago.. Wally did a 3:15 marathon.

 In Dublin 2004 he made his long awaited comeback and came home in 03:33:29 chip time or 3:35 race time. 

 Mark's Assessment I think Wally has been training very well this year.  He has had no niggles of any kind and has done the tough part – getting to the start line uninjured.  I think that he will exceed his expectations and am looking for him to break 3:20.  My estimate is 3:18.  The only thing that might hold him back is if he tries to pace himself for a slower time for fear of blowing up.

 Val "People's republic" Fogarty Image
 Age A Sprig of a lass – Val can't be more than 20.
 Personal Target Val has a long-standing goal of breaking the 4 hour marathon.
 Previous Times 

 Val has done several marathons and is probably the clubs most experienced marathoner.
 Her most recent race was in Paris this year and she completed it in 04h 28' 17".

However she completed the tough connemara half marathon this year in 1:59 which shows she is capable of more.

 Mark's Assessment A Cork Native, I think the "homecoming" aspect will be a big factor in Val's favour.  Despite the fact that she has had niggles this  year, I think she will make a big improvement over her Paris time and come home in around 4:15.

Don't place too much faith in my opinions – I don't have a clue!  Come on – get guessing!!!  Not often you get to win stuff for free.  The prize will be revealed closer to the date – if I can find it at home!!!

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