Timetable for National Juvenile Indoor Track & Field

Timetable for National Juvenile Indoor Track & Field

The timetables for the 4 days of the National Juvenile Track & Field are at pages 13-16 of:-


Please review and confirm your event time if you have qualified. Please note also the latest checkin time for your event if its a track event. And if its a field event, please arrive at least 60 minutes before the published time as events can be brought forward.

The following is a summary of the event times and participants for Craughwell athletes – apologies if I have missed anyone! And please confirm your time in the booklet above just in case I misread it.

Sat 24th March10.00amU13 60mDaniel
U15 60mTara
U16 60mSinead
U17 60mClaire
U18 60mJessica, Mairead
U19 60mKatie
10.00amU18 shot puttMelissa, Maria
U15 shot puttCathal
U12 shot puttMichael
10.30amU12 Long JumpSiona, Micheal
12.00pmU13 long jumpAoife, Daniel
12.00pmU16 high jumpEllen, Damien
12.30pmU12 high jumpClaire, Michael
01.00pmU13 high jumpAoife, Jerry
01.00pmU14 long jumpAisling, Jim
02.30pmU18 300mMaria
03.00pmU17 1500mMatthew, Keelan, Nicholas, Conor
U18 1500mFinn, Neil, Paul
Sun 25th Mar10.30amU15 long jumpTara, Matthew
10.30amU14 shot puttEva, Sam
U13 shot puttCian, Mark
11.00amU13 hurdlesCaoilin, Cian, Daniel
U14 hurdlesMichelle, Emma
U16 hurdlesDamien
11.30amU16 long jumpSinead, Ellen
01.00pmU14 high jumpAisling, Dylan, Sam
02.00pm1500m finals
Sat 31st Mar10.30amU16 200mSinead
U17 200mClaire
U18 200mJessica
10.30amU18 long jumpSinead, Mairead
10.30amU17 high jumpDiamuid
10.30amU19 shot puttKatie
U17 shot puttDiarmuid
11.00amU18 high jumpMaria, Jessica
11.30amU19 high jumpKatie, Orla
12.00pmU14 800mMatthew, James, Liam
U16 800mDamien
U17 800mNicholas, Conor, John
U18 800mFinn, Paul, Sinead
U19 800mPádraic
12.30pmU17 long jumpClaire
01.30pmU14  walkEva, Gearoid
U16 walkShane
U17 walkChristopher
02.45pm200m finals
03.30pm800m finals
Sun 1st Apr10.30amU13 RelaysU13g, U13b
U15 RelaysU15g
U17 RelaysU17b
U19 RelaysU19g
02.00pmU12 RelaysU12g
U14 RelaysU14g, U14b
U16 RelaysU16g, U16b
U18 RelaysU18g
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