Timetables for Connacht and National Indoor Track & Field

Timetables for Connacht and National Indoor Track & Field

Folks schedule for the Connacht Indoor Championships next Sunday is at:-


Please read the full article below for my guesses at start times for some of the events so that people don't have to be there for the full day. Please note these are only my guesses! You should aim to arrive at least 90 minutes before my guess … and don't get angry if I am too optimistic! 

Note also the following information:-

All Ireland Schools Cross Country … starting at noon tomorrow in St Marys College Galway (near UCHG heading towards Salthill). We have many members of the club taking part:- 


Program for the National Indoor Track & Field on 24-25 Mar and 31 Mar-1 Apr (scroll down to pages 13-16):-




Michael's guesses for times of events at Connacht Indoors:-

TimeOuter Track


Inner Track
11.00 U12 Relays   
11.25 U14 Relays   
11.40 U16 Relays   
11.55 U18 Relays   
12.00 U16/17 1500m


 U12 60m Heats
12.10 U18/19/Sen 1500m


 U13 60m Heats
12.20 U14/19 Walks12.40 U14 60m Heats
12.40 U18/19/Sen 300/400m12.55 U15 60m Heats
13.00 U16 800m13.05 U16 60m Heats
13.08 U17 800m13.15 U17 60m Heats
13.16 U14 800m13.20 U18 60m Finals
13.24 U15 800m13.25 U19/Sen 60m Finals
13.32 U18 800m13.30 U12 60m Finals
13.40 U19/Sen 800m13.35 U13 60m Finals
13.48 U12 600m13.40 U14 60m Finals
14.10 U13 600m13.45 U15 60m Finals
14.40 U16 200m13.50 U16 60m Finals
14.52 U17 200m13.55 U17 60m Finals
15.02 U18 200m   
15.12 U19/Sen 200m   
15.28 U13 Relays   
15.52 U15 Relays   
16.08 U17 Relays   
16.16 U19 Relays   
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