Timetables for Connacht T&F Day 1 and 2

Timetables for Connacht T&F Day 1 and 2

Best of luck to all of our athletes taking part in the forthcoming Connacht track & Field on the next 2 Saturdays,

The timetables are here:-

The following are some notes from the Connacht Secretary:-


Please advise all your athletes to bring their own pins.


The committee will be enforcing the Coaches/Parents/Officials code of conduct and any behaviour that is deemed to be contrary to that may lead to expulsion from the competition arena.



1) Any protest in the first instance should be made orally to the  Referee by the athlete or someone on their behalf.

2) Protests shall be made within 30 minutes of the completion of the event.

3) The Referee may decide on the protest or refer it to the Jury of Appeal.

4) An appeal to the Jury may only come after a decision by the Referee.

5) The appeal to the Jury shall be made in writing signed by a responsible official on behalf of the athlete or team and shall be made within 30 minutes of the decision of the Referee and accompanied by a fee of €20 which shall be forfeited if the appeal is not allowed.

6) The Jury shall consist of a representative of each county with a minimum of 4 hearing each appeal.

7) The decision of the Jury of Appeal shall be final.

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