Recycle and Help Fund Your Children’s Training!

Recycle and Help Fund Your Children’s Training!

As I’m sure you can see for yourselves, the club is hive of activity and our members are growing year on year!! So to ensure that we keep the show on the road and that we offer the best to our members, we need to continually raise funds for equipment and facility improvements and for new athletic training gizmos that might add to the list of activities we can then offer.

This is where we need help!!! We are asking you for the next couple of weeks to fill a bag if not two with items such as

  • shoes
  • clothes
  • handbags
  • belts, etc in one bag
  • any bed linen
  • curtains
  • towels in another bag

and in return the club will be able to raise cash to improve the training experience for your child!

When filled, can you leave your bag in the red shipping container at the rear of Craughwell Community Centre   between 6 and 7pm on Thursday nights. Please don’t leave at other times at the container will be open only at this time.

We will try do this every month with final collection on the last Saturday of every month.

Filled bags=cash= equipment for the club!! 

Any questions please phone Tracy 087 8810737.

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