Upcoming Community Games Cross-Country

Upcoming Community Games Cross-Country

Galway Community Games will be holding their qualifiers for the Mosney cross-country finals on Sunday 1st April at 2.30pm in Renmore.

For anyone unfamilar with this event, this is a seperate competition within the Community Games for cross-country with the National finals held in Mosney on the weekend of 12/13 May.

In preparation for this and as trials to see who has the potential to enter the Galway event, the club will be holding a series of races on Sunday 25th Feb at 12.30pm in Packy Martyn's field behind Craughwell NS. There will be races for the following:- U8 300m, U10 500m, U12 600m, U13 1200m, U14 800m. Medals will be awarded in each age group.

Note the above are local races and open to members of the athletic club and also to non-members who are in the Craughwell Community Games area. They will be used to select runners to take part in the Galway finals in Renmore on 1 April. Any number of runners can go forward to the Galway finals but only 3 age groups are available in the Galway finals:- U12, U13 and U14.

In the Galway finals, the format will be as follows: 

– U12s is a 600m race, U13s is a 1200m and U14s is a 800m race.

– There are seperate races for boys and girls in each age group.

– In the U12s and U14s, the first 6 finishers will make up the team to go to Mosney.

– In the U13s, the first 5 finishers will make up the team to go to Mosney.

– You must remain after the race to sign a form if you want to go to Mosney – if you don't wait, the officials from Galway Community Games will give the place to the next person who finished the race.

– There are no spikes allowed in your running shoes for these races.

In the Mosney finals, the format will be as follows:

– The U12 event is a relay event where the 1st runner runs 600m, 2nd 400m, 3rd 600m and 4th 400m. Normally these runners are the first 4 from the county event and the remaining 2 are subs.

– The U14 event is also a relay event where the 1st runner runs 800m, 2nd 600m, 3rd 800m and 4th 600m, with 2 subs as for the U12 race.

– The U13 event is a regular cross-country event where the 5 boys and 5 girls run as part of the Galway team and 8 of them score, i.e. the finishing places of 4 boys and 4 girls are added up and the lowest score wins. Its a difficult one to do well in because you need 8 strong runners.

– A subs race is organised in the U12s where 2 boys and 2 girls from the two U12 county teams who haven't run, run together as a team in the subs race.

– Similarly a subs race is also run for the U14s.

– The heats of the U12s, U13s and U14s all take place on Saturday morning.

– The finals take place on Sunday morning, along with the subs races.

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