Update on Fund-Raising

Update on Fund-Raising

At this stage, most parents and members will have received tickets from the athletic club in regard to this fund-raising drive and a letter outlining the substantial benefits which the club will get from the facility.

If you haven't already received tickets from me or one of the coaches, its either because I still have a very small number of envelopes to hand out or because your kids are also in the soccer club and the soccer club will be giving you tickets. You won't be given tickets by both clubs!

I'm attaching a progress chart which reflects ticket sales and also sales of advertising billboards. If you think you know businesses who'd be interested in a billboard, please ask them – 1 billboard brings in the same as 20 tickets (€1000), so each billboard is a big boost to the fund-raising.

I'd appreciate if you could return any sold tickets + money/cheques to me or Alison at training each week rather than waiting until all are sold. That way, we can see progress and it won't result in you receiving more tickets from me!

So far, the athletic club has been given a total of 809 tickets to sell, have distributed 634 and sold 65. So keep up the good work and lets try to put a big focus into it over the next 2 to 3 weeks to get it done and dusted.

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