Use of Astroturf Track and GAA Pitches

Use of Astroturf Track and GAA Pitches

Can athletes please only run on the sideline of the GAA pitches and behind the goals in order not to damage the pitches during the winter months. Or otherwise stay up on the Astroturf track. In particular, the top right corner of the pitches is wet, so do not run on this area and either stay out wide on the sideline or don’t come up that end of the field at all. Please adhere to this as our use of the pitches is on the basis of goodwill and a good relationship with the local GAA club.

In regard to the use of the Astroturf track, we have huge numbers of juveniles training at present, particularly on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We are requesting parents and adults not to use it while juvenile training is in progress as the number of children there is too large to accommodate any adults and it’s becoming a safety issue.

This would apply particularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5.30pm to 9.30pm and to a lesser extent during juvenile training on Mondays at 8.15pm and Fridays at 5.30pm. If this poses a problem, please consider an alternative venue – our fit4life section recently built a fine track around the soccer pitch which is less than a mile away and it would be a much better venue to use at above times if you are already a member of fit4life or planning to join.

For juvenile athletes, if the facility is busy, please run in an anti-clockwise direction (i.e. turning left) so that everyone is running in the same direction. This helps to prevent accidents.

And please do not congregate on the track while waiting between runs or for your session to start.

We are also requesting parents not to congregate around the gate into the Astroturf. This is a particularly busy area with people arriving and leaving and it is better to stand half-way up the tarmacadam pathway if waiting for your child to finish.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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