We Want What You Don’t Want!

We Want What You Don’t Want!


The club are teaming up with a nationwide textile recycling service to help you get rid of your unwanted clothes and help us raise some much needed funds for a major new project that we will be commencing shortly – an indoor athletics training centre.

So help us to help you to recycle which helps us to build this centre which helps you to stay healthy! And in the process we help the environment by reducing landfill! 

Here’s how it works:-

1000 bags are on the way to me from the recycling service.


On the first two Thursdays of September when juvenile athletics has resumed, we will hand out these bags to all club members.


– On Thursday 16th September, you return as many full bags as possible to the club. 

The recycling service will collect the bags from us and pay us a fixed sum per bag.So please don’t throw out your unwanted items – we need them!! Start putting them aside now!! 

We want to fill as many bags as possible, so rope in your aunts, uncles, grandparents etc.. Call in next door and ask them can they fill a bag or two also! The more the merrier – it helps everyone.

All clean and dry clothes, shoes, hats, gloves, handbags, belts, textiles, curtains, bed linen, towels and blankets can be recycled. Quilts and pillows cannot be included. The recycling service will take the better quality items and they are reused in developing countries. Other items are shredded and reused in other products – e.g. car wipers, mattresses and sofas.

Please follow the above guidelines as to what to include – we want to repeat this a few times every year with the recycling service so we want to get off to a good start with them.

Thanks as always for your support!



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