World Record Relay Attempt Update

World Record Relay Attempt Update

Our Guinness World Record relay attempt has become a bigger event and is evolving into a health-themed day for all ages with a focus on mental and physical health, while at the same time the 12-hour relay world record attempt will be running throughout the day. If you are involved in a charity or business with a mental or physical health focus and would like to attend with information on the day, please contact Tracy at  087 8810737.

Because of the expansion in scope, we are pushing out the date to September when the schools are back to give us more time to pull everything together. The new date is the last Sunday of September – Sept 27th September. Mark it in your diaries!

The associated fund-raising campaign will continue in earnest in the meantime and we will be upping the focus on this in June and early July and again in September.

We are currently at €2000 of a fund-raising target of €40000 for the development of our new facility. If you haven’t already received a sponsorship card from the coaches, please ask. With over 300 families in the club if everyone was to fill a card with 20 lines of €5 each, this will bring in a massive €30,000.

This plus donations, clothes recycling etc will get us over the line. And remember people can sponsor a square metre of ground for €20. We are in the process of getting a large billboard map of the field printed which will show your sponsored metres.

Please text Michael at 087 6591879 with whatever amount you have currently raised on your sponsorship cards so that I can post a regular update on the thermometer on the website. Thanks for the support and lets ramp-up the efforts to hopefully deliver our tartan sprint lanes later this year.

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