X-Country-Factor: John and Edward style

X-Country-Factor: John and Edward style

I don't know about your house but in my place Saturday and Sunday nights the women rule and TV is totally out of bounds meaning I'm forced to sit through one warbling act after another.  John and Edward seem to have taken over the mantle of Irish music from Dustin the Turkey and are good fun to watch in a cringe-like way though.  Here is a picture of them back home running hard for their club, DSD:

Maybe I'm biased but I think more of them now!!  More pics over on the DSD site. They are not too shabby either – a bit more research shows that John actually took bronze in this years 1500m U19 nationals in Nenagh!!  Click read more to see more on their track exploits!


4:18 is not too shabby at all!  Made more impressive when you think they were wearing pink suits at the time rather than singlets.  Just to further demonstrate how running improves your talent.. one of the members of X-Factor band Kandy Rain was also a former DSD athlete!

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